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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020

I think I'll make a stop at the craft beer retailer to see what I can find for holiday beers like I did for Oktoberfest brews. I forgot to check for Xocoveza at Total Wine this weekend.:rolleyes:
Almost perfect incorporation of honey in the brew, providing a subtle sweetness that lingers in the back of the throat. Central Waters kills on delivery of barrel aged stuff; this is one of their more sessionable offerings.
D6EA90E9-0F79-4E42-810D-3D1801ABBF25.jpeg 13F91884-85AA-44F4-B2BE-1D9B2AE4A736.jpeg
Pivot IPA and Comfort in Shadows Stout at Pinehurst Brewing Company. Both very good with the Stout possibly the best non-barrel aged Stout I’ve tried. The BBQ is delicious, too!
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Nice and refreshing

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I had this on tap a couple years ago. I remember it well, because I immediately began searching for “Sorachi Ace hops.” I expected Saison and got a huge dose of lemongrass. It was my intro to that hop and I avoid it, and most Prarire stuff, but ymmv. Did it taste like lemongrass to you at all?
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This is a random one I picked up and it’s REALLY interesting. Color is more vibrant then comes through in the photo, and the cherry flavor mixed with the milk sugar is pretty wild. Not something I’d have more than one of in a sitting, but a pretty fun beer to drink.
E34FBF73-5CF0-4688-85E5-9DF4FD5CC80B.jpeg 55C17FA8-A00F-4637-BFE8-E0867E402A5F.jpeg
EA203C7A-B30D-465E-8CBF-2342D3B849A5.jpeg 52DF0176-70E1-4617-914C-28C91E53449E.jpeg 6DF870D2-F5F5-458C-B322-69D741F67A8A.jpeg Made 2 stops in Southern Pines, NC, this afternoon. Southern Pines Growler Company and Hatchet Brewing Co. Grabbed a pour of Founder’s KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge (great!), and some takeout. They also have home brewing supplies. Second stop I picked up a Straight Up Stout on Nitro tap - no complaints, not spectacular.
I did find it!
$7.09/bottle of Maple Mackinac Fudge here! Glad I found it on tap. I think it was a little more expensive for a 10 oz pour.
Backwoods Bastard is one of my favorites!
I did find it!
$7.09/bottle of Maple Mackinac Fudge here!
Had 3 bottles left of the Mackinac Fudge. Stopped by a little, tucked-in-the-corner liquor store near my house on a whim, hoping they'd have it, and they did. Picked up three 4 packs. $5.50/bottle.

Wanted to share this gold from Founder's with some co-workers, but I was jealously hoarding those last three...:blush:


Needs milk and a bidet!
Clearly i need to try more Founders beers. I’ve had a couple and I wasn’t impressed. But they seem to get a whole lotta love here. And elsewhere.
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