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Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020

Rode the bike out to a farm/restaurant in North Ft. Myers. Enjoyed a cider at brunch (and made a friend!). Then, we filled the growler with Big Storm Bromosa Tangerine IPA for a low country boil. Fun Sunday!
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Blue Moon. Man I can drink straight Jack/vodka/tequila all day with barely an issue, but this stuff is like poison to me.....I've had four and I'm lit like I haven't been in a long time. I have purchased two brushes and a razor and will likely go for more as I still have 6 beers to go.
A little late to the party... my apologies....

In September of 2017, I bought two bottles of this. They were a little over $9 a bottle, and had a 16.5% ABV, the strongest I've ever had. I had one and posted about it in the 2017 BOTD thread. This bottle has aged 2 years, 5 months in my cellar. Did ageing it this long improve it? A little bit. I still think it's WAY too much. Dogfish Head sells EXTREME beers, and you're sure getting one here. This years offering clocks in at 18% ABV, and the price didn't drop, either. Better vanilla note, but holey smokes, it sure is a smack to the senses.

I thought it would be yummy.....

It wasn't. But if anyone asks me if I've ever chewed on fresh orange peels, I can honestly say, "Why, yes I have."

A bit of a rocky start for Black Adder's 2020 malt beverage journey....:concern:

Whew!! Back on track after a couple of clinkers....
Tyranena Brewing used to be readily available in my neck of the woods. This is no longer the case. This one was acquired when a friend made a trip to the Milwaukee.

On tap! Nice.


Another one from those two eccentrics over at Oliphant Brewing. Has a real pleasant roasted nut flavor in a beer that at first glance looks like it'd be way too sweet.



Bells Two Hearted Ale
Leinenkugel Snowdrift Vanilla Porter
Miller Lite

and that’s just tonight. The Bells Two Hearted Ale is the first IPA I really enjoyed. The Leinie is the first Porter I tried and really like it. I hope to try more Porters. And the Miller...well, I’m out of the other 2 so it’s the back up to the back up.