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Could you please give me suggestions about soaps with mild cooling effect?

Dear B&B gents,
I have tried Proraso green, Proraso white, and Stirling MITA.
Proraso white is good for me.
I can hardly open my eyes when shaving with Stirling MITA.
I think the strength of Proraso green's cooling is the ceiling for me.
Please give me some soaps with mild cooling effects.

I think adding some information about my favorite scent could be helpful.
I like bay rum scented stuffs a lot whicg are surely more suitable for cold days.
Maybe lavender or rose scented soaps are good in warm seansons.

Any forthcoming opinions are highly appreciated.
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A great option in this category is Moon Soaps Astoria. It's a fresh aquatic type scent with evergreen/fir and the perfect amount of mild cooling. It makes for a very refreshing shave.
C.O. Bigelow. More of a cream than soap but the menthol and eucalyptus will definitely cool. Follow up with some Skin Bracer or Osage rub and your frosty.
Besides the stink stick Arko also makes shaving creams in tubes. The Arko Hydrate shaving cream has a small amount of menthol added. They also carry a Cool, but it does not contain menthol.
Excellent soap with an incredible aroma of a mixture of banana and coconut with the addition of a light mint aroma. These are truly incredible experiences!
Noble Otter Orbit has some cooling but not at the Stirling Glacial level. It's a eucalyptus and rose scented soap- very nice in the warmer months.
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