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FS Leaf Twig (gold) and Vintage Gillette Pack (need work/minor repair)

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Happy Holidays all!

Leaf Twig
This one is in gold. Lovely mild razor. Just have moved on to other razors. Comes with box and even the travel case. Asking $45 shipped.

Vintage “some needs work/repair” Gillette Pack

Instead of splitting these, I’ve decided to include them all in one pack. These all need work/repaired except really the Super Adjustable. However, they should shave just fine I would think. They all have some wear and plate loss but they’re all in pretty dang good condition. They might need blade gaps checked but to my eyes they look good. I am asking $105 shipped.

E1 Fatboy. Pretty good condition considering its age. The problem? One of the doors gets stuck while opening. One of the legs is bent so you have to manually open that door. Nothing major but it’s definitely there. Everything else functions fine.

1941 Ranger Tech. Pretty good condition considering its age. The problem? The twist knob drops while opening.

Senator. Super cool razor. The problem? One side gets hard stuck upon opening. You have to push the stuck side up to get the razor to open. Like the Fatboy, one of the legs of the doors is bent.

40s Super Speed No Notch. This problem? This one is missing the end caps. That’s it!

S1 Super Adjustable. Nothing really wrong with this one. It’s in excellent condition imo. I’ve used it and it shaved great.


More pics here:
I am also including some free blades with purchases. Consider it a surprise!

Don’t like a price listed? Feel free to make an offer! Like all of it? I am willing to sell everything listed for a discount.

All prices are US. I’m willing to ship internationally but we’d have to work out shipping prices.

Thanks for looking!
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