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B&B LE Group buy Badger and Blade 2021 LE Pipe : Alden Pipes

This is my opinion, but with squared off transitions between stummel and stem, it seems like a lot of precise work has to be done. Round seems a bit easier.
Round is definitely the easiest option ! Each shape other than round has it's own sort of issues to deal with. Square is not so bad, as I can get at least the bottom line perfectly square to the pipe before I begin the rest. With a diamond shank, each side must be individually cut to line up, and that's tougher to pull off (and why I usually only make diamond shanks by request lol). The real trick here is lining up the other three sides of the shank so that they stay square to each other, and the pipe, and equal in size so that the stem fits whether its turned one way up or the other. Then the hardest part is to keep the slot at the end of the airway horizontal as your spinning the stem and sanding a bit off here, a bit off there to make it all line up. Lots of eyeballing it along the way to keep all three of those square and make it all look just right !
Thanks everyone, it's an honor to be a part of this !

I'm happy that many who've never seen my pipes have a chance to grab one, and I hope the guys who already collect my work will appreciate adding one more !

I'd like to thank @Hirsute for organizing all of the details here. We discussed a lot of possibilities for this one, but narrowed it down to my personal favorite shape, both as a smoker and a pipemaker.
The Classic 4 Square Panel Billiard is timeless. It seems to me as much at home in the 1920's as it does the 2020's. It's both perfectly practical and perfectly handsome.

I've smoked a pipe for 23 years, but never paid much attention to this shape until just a few years ago. Someone requested a copy of the pipe that Bing Crosby smokes in Holiday Inn. His pipe in the film is a large, smooth 4 Square Panel Billiard with a silver band. I studied the pipe and set out to recreate it. When it was done I had gained a ton of respect, both for the shape and whoever first designed the pipe. So simple, but nearly architectural in detail and style. I was in love !

So without rambling too much, the price we negotiated for this years LE reflects my love for making this shape in particular 🤣
I'm glad we worked the details out this way. I hope it allows the highroller and the pennypincher to both get in on the action !
The attention to detail and craftsmanship will be exactly the same here as with all of my pipes, nothing will change from every other pipe I make, except the price ! I also believe this pipe is best presented in this exact color scheme; Antique Red Brindle stain, and Classic Red Cumberland stem. Although handsome in any finish, this combination is the ne plus ultra in my eye.

I will update this post with pictures of the process along the way !

I think Hirsute covered all the detailsl, but please feel free to ask any other questions here or by email.

I will be taking orders by email from now until the end of the month.

We will leave the ordering window open until the 31st, and I will send all Invoices for Deposits at the same time on the 30th and 31st. If you'd like to pay the pipe in one payment on the 31st, please make a note of that in your email and I will send an Invoice for the total price.

I will reply to all of the order emails once I have transferred your details to a log. It could take a week or so to write back to some emails,so if I have not responded to your email within a week please feel free to write again in case the first email didn't go through.

Once again, thanks for inviting me to the forum, and to be a part of this years Limited Edition pipe.
I am looking forward to it !
Everyone knocked a big Babe Ruth sized home run on this one. Way to go!!
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