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B&B LE Group buy 2022 Brown Leaf LE Pipe

All 2022 BL LE pipes have been received by the owners. Just need to know who has 9 and who has 12 of @bberg100 and @LoveTheSlant
Good morning. 12 of 20 here.

Haven’t been home much within the last couple of weeks so apologies for the less than timely reply.

And of course thank you for arranging this years group!

And thanks to David!


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I want to give a big Thank You to David for creating this pipe for us. The initial smoke was sublime. A smooth, effortless draw, a consistent burn, and that tall bowl lends itself to a nice long smoke; we were going for around two hours on the herf last night. In my experience, the first smoke of a new pipe can be a little wonky, but this pipe was great from the get go. And, it clenches wonderfully. And @luvmysuper, thanks for riding herd on this adventure, you did good! Plus, that Wessex Curly Block was a fine choice.
It is a good time to be a pipe smoker on the B&B BL!
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