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Been thinking of ordering a Karve brass handle for my Yates since Karve has multiple styles and Yates only has different lengths.

I had the original 4” stainless steel Yates handle and didn’t like it.
Purely based on website information Karve should fit Yates as they both are 10/32” (I don’t have a Yates to confirm - edit: and I see I am echoing Thom @thombrogan ) - if you have one available you could try a fat handle from a Tech - these are somewhere between 10/32” and M5 - and might give you an approximation of what you are looking for.
Does anybody know if a Karve Christopher Bradley handle will fit a Yates 921 head?
The threading of the Karve handle basically does fit, but the handle won't lock in properly due to the narrow width of the "rails" on the YPM baseplate.

IIRC there's a thread on B&B covering matching handles for the YPM head.

Edit: Found it.

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I just ordered some Proraso Red cream in a tube. I was going to order some Cyril R Salter but couldn’t find it without a high shipping price ($15 for the shave cream and $10 for shipping, as opposed to $10 and free shipping for the Proraso).

Maybe next time I’ll get the Salter along with some blades or something to help me justify shipping.

Does anyone have any experience with this razor? Found it on AE.
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