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Back from Gotham

Yesterday I spent the day in "the city" with SWMBO. The in-laws had the kids, and we had tickets for a Broadway matinee. We got there a couple of hours early, it was a GORGEOUS day, so we decided to woalk around. I managed to not-so-subtly guide her uptown to hit a few spots....

First we walked over to De la Concha Tobacconist, where I picked up some pipe tobacco. My wife is pregnant, so she waited outside for a bit while I nosed around. I love this place - I bought my first pipes and tobaccos there over 15 years ago.

Then up to Cambridge Chemists on Madison and 65th. As oft reported, this place has the highest density of shavegeek stuff in one place that I have ever seen. A whole wall of Harris scents and shaving supplies, same for the three T's, R&G, .... but OH WHAT PRICES! A tub of Taylor's was $22.50! That is before the NYC robbery taxes. Needless to say I left empty handed.

Then to Pasteur Pharmacy, Lexington and 62nd, personal favorite of Gordon. Equally impressive display, with less stuff than Cambridge, but with normal prices. Creams, etc. were in line with what you can get on the net. I had my hands on a tub of Taylor's rose, but SWMBO lifted her eyebrows in the sign for "not manly", so it went back on the shelf. They had some L'Occitane stuff, but alas no colognes. At this point, it was getting late, so we had to hightail it back to the theater to make the show. In any case, this place is recommended.

On the way back, we passed Bergdorf Goodman, which has the exclusive contract with Penhaligon's, but there was no time. We have another show ina few weeks, though....
I see this thread already mentions Pastuers, and Cambridge, but I thought I would provide something of an update on my experience so far.

Pasteur Pharmacy:
53 E. 34th St. (at Park).
806 Lexington Ave. (btw 62nd and 63rd).

To me, both stores appear to have pretty much the same selection. There was a lot of C&M (non-shaving) at 34th, and I could not find it at Lex. Both had the shaving cream. Supposedly, Lex has slightly more in the way of Simpsons brushes, although I did not see any, except a couple in the window. They do have a couple at 34th. Such an incomplete selection though, that I would not go there for brushes. Both stores carry a fair amount of Harris, pretty much the full line of Trumper and Taylors, and some T&H. For the T&H, only the cologne scents, and possibly a Lime or two - no soap. Although they have pretty much all of the creams and soaps from Taylor and Trumper, they only had a few Taylor colognes, and very few, if any Trumper. Of Coates, you can still get the Tubs of Rose, Lime, Almond, or Tea Tree (TT only at 34th).

Also carry Pinaud, and various other such things. As well as new stuff. Anthony logistics, some Baxter (but more washes, no ASB), all the basic drug store stuff.

This is also the only local source I know for Schick brand Injector blades.

Prices are very good. $14 for Taylor cream. $22 for T&H. $26 for Coates. $22 for Skin Food.

The space is cramped, and other than whether or not they carry a product, don't expect much help in the way of advice (friendly enough, though).

Cambridge Chemist
855 Lexington Ave- between 64 and 65 street.

The posts above say it all. GREAT selection of the old english stuff. More Harris than I knew existed. Also Taylor, and Trumper. A little weak on the T&H, but apparently that is due to T&H north america limiting products. They do have the Luxury soap, which apparently is hard to find. Expensive, but very friendly folk. They supposedly have a pretty complete line of Simpsons brushes (branded John Bull), as well as some Rooneys. I did not see where they keep them, though.

They seem to have most of the Trumper colognes, which is nice. They also carry the Czech & Speake #88 line, for you #88 freaks. Including the Shaving soap. At $90, the price is crazy, but I think it is not much cheaper online. The refill is only $33, though, which is not quite as bad.

Website here. Do not count on the website saying they have something as being accurate. It shows stock of all the Coates creams, but in reality they are out of all the tubs, and down to Rose and Lime only for tubes.

Prices are very high, but, well, it is a great place. (Check the Website if you want to know prices). Trumper is $37 for tubs, $22 for tubes.

Clyde Chemists
926 Madison Ave. (E. 74th St).

Pretty nice selection. Trumper. Lots of other, rather random things. Mitchell's Wool Fat. C&E. Etc. Definitely worth looking at. But you will know what the problem is as soon as you step in. The atmosphere just oozes EXPENSIVE. Trumper creams run $37 a tub. That's Castle Forbes territory. For the same price, I'd rather shop at Cambridge. They do have some French and American stuff here that is not at Cambridge, though.

Zitomer's Department Store
969 Madison. (E. 76th St).

Mentioned above. I have not been here. Will post more when I have a chance to visit.

Paul Mole Barbershop
1031 Lexinton Ave. (E. 74th St).

Obviously this is a barbershop first, and supply store second. It is actually not a bad looking place for a haircut, if you like a little more of a clubby, dark wood, male luxury setting, rather than the more plain barbershop that I dig. Might give a decent shave, as well. $29 each for haircut or shave. extra for various speciality add ons (after haircut rinse, face massage with a shave). I would certainly rather go here than AOS for a shave, but that's just me.

ALSO fairly decent little shaving shop, in cabinets scattered about. GREAT selection of EJ and MP brushes. Some really cute little MP pures with wood handle for $15 that I am sorely tempted by. Felt nice and stiff, but surprising non prickly. I might get one for travel.

Most of the Trumper creams. A fair number of Jack Black products. Much of the T&H line (that is available in the US these days, that is). I bought their last tube of Almond. The guy gave it to me for $10. It was labeled $16. The T&H tubs are the standard online price of $22 (in other words, the prices here are competative with Pasteur, if the selection of cream/soap is smaller). The also had some unusual things, like Pre de Provence shave soap. One tin was labeled $10, the others looked like $26. Neither sounds right. I really should have asked, but did not....

OTHER (National Chains)

New york also of course has C&E, L'Occitane, C&M, and AOS stores. I will let you look them up online. Not much needs to be said here, as the selection is what it is anywhere else, and presumably includes more or less the complete line. One the worthy of note, is that there is a PENHALIGONS store, at 870 Madison. This and Las Vegas are the ONLY US stores (although it is also carried in some Sax locations).

As I find other places, I will try to update this listing.
I stumbled on Lascoff Apothecary today. They have been at this location since 1899. The shop is a real throwback with walnut cabinets and the old kitch that seems to be required.
Nice selection of bath and body stuff from all the usual European makers and alas, just a few shave items.

1200 Lexington Avenue and east 82 Street

Lascoff's was the first licensed pharmacy in New York State.


While in NYC on Saturday, I came across the New London Pharmacy. Lots of good stuff including Proraso, Volabra, Musgo Real, EJ creams and brushes, some GFT, a large selection of D.R Harris, and a lot more. Definately worth a look!

New London Pharmacy
246 8th Ave. (Between 22nd and 23rd)
New York, NY 10011
Cambridge Chemists have moved to 855 Lexington Ave- between 64 and 65 street.

The new store is bigger,brighter and more organized and consequently its a lot easier to find items.

I wish I could say it was less charming or whatnot but its an upgrade as far as I can tell.

Unlike the Pasteur's Pharmacy's you can actually get some friendly advice on product here.

The proprietor Scott is a friend of B&B and offers a nice discount. Call 1-800-241-1447 to place your order.

Shipping is available. The website is http://www.cambridgechemist.com/
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A additional location of the venerable Zitomer's Pharmacy~

A fair selection of soaps/creams including e-shave,after shaves and better than most fragrance selection. Ask for samples when you stop in.

40 West 57 Street
NY NY 10019

Phone 212-956-6000
Fax is 212-956-6215

They will ship.
Walking around my neighborhood last night I stumbled across a very nice pharmacy, Apthorp Pharmacy, Broadway btwn 78th and 79th st on the upper west side. Pretty good selection of Trumper creams and soaps but VERY expensive....$39.95 for soap and creams....they also carry Proraso cream and the Proraso Balm for the standard prices as well. They also carry Anthony Logistics products which I dont know are popular around here since they are not very traditional, but I have been testing some of their stuff and it is VERY nice.

Besides those goodies, they have a very nice selection of Floris, I could not look around at everything but I am sure they have some other nice brands. Although it is a very nice store, It is more of the tpe of place I would only use if I needed something IMMEDIATELY as the prices are expensive for most items.

Another supplier I found that is of interest: Santa Maria Novella/LAFCO @ 285 Lafayette St. This s a VERY nice place if you are into scents for the body AND home as they are the exclusive importer of a number of very high quality products, specifically Musgo Real (the COMPLETE line). EVEN better, the prices are rock bottom on Musgo products...ok well no really but they are they same prices you will find online.

One more thing....you know Ricky's NYC the chain of stores?? They carry the common shave creams such as KMF but I have seem Wilkinson Sword and Personna blades for sale....they do mark up everything there like crazy so I wouldnt be surprised if a pack of 5 blades was $8...;)

happy hunting.

I just came back from this place and noticed that not many people on this board know about it. It's located in Chelsea on the corner of 23rd street and 8th Avenue and they have a nice selection of wet shaving supplies. I picked up some Proraso. They had many brands of after shave like Musgo and many shaving creams also. As a newbie, it was hard to remember all the brands.

At the front by the cashier they have the full line of Edwin Jagger brushes and razors. These are the original ones and not the re-branded Crabtree and Evelyn products ones

The prices were pretty good. My Proraso pre-shave cost $13.

Thought I'd pass along this information to anyone who doesn't really want to make the long trek uptown.


6th Ave 7th and 8th streets

Bigelow Chemists, Inc.
414 6th Avenue
NY NY 100111-800-793-5433

The Flagship store of this brand, a fair to very good selection of wet shaving goodies, fragrances and higher end products. Surprisingly for me they have a large selection of brushes (all branded as Bigelow) I also spotted some Old stock Yardley Gentleman's aftershave and EDT.
The staff is very friendly and the store has that elusive old world charm.

I'm pretty sure Saks Fifth Avenue (611 5th Avenue) carries some Castle Forbes products. Not sure about the shaving cream....
Any New Yorkers out there?
I visited recently on a long weekend -- I'm not just starting and I almost passed out... It's a truly remarkable store, and if it weren't for resources such as this site nobody would even know it was there (it doesn't exactly stand out).

So? Whadja buy?? :w00t:
Is just got into DE shaving and went to Pasteur drug store to pick up some items (I was sold on price, my next stop would have been Cambridge.) They had a good selection of items at good prices, and they are only 30 minutes by train. Got some Taylors of Old Bond Lime, and an Avacado along with some Crystal, Derby's and Feathers to try out. I went into Z chemists (walked along by chance) but they looked at me funny when I asked for the tradional shaving stuff. Either way, I want to thank the people at this board for their helpful advice and that guy from the You Tube Videos (Mantic is it?)
I must admit I'm a bit jealous of everyone in the United States and Europe. There are so many opportunities for great finds. I think I'll start a thread for Japanese (or those living in Japan) B&Bers to see if there are any great sources for goodies over here.
Well I hit up pasteurs and Cambridge pharmacies, I thought both places had usurious prices compared to online, but I guess with shipping it's about the same. I picked up Tabac (in the jar) and a puck of taylors avocado. It was way too cold for me to go anywhere else though, I was in 75 degree weather last week in louisiana!!
Just to add to this, stopped by the Pasteur at 34th St. yesterday. I realize that some of the posts in this thread go back a bit, but I thought I'd add that my experience was very good, a guy helped me out and he was very helpful.

Ended up with some Tabac, imagine my reaction using it for the first time after 8 years of Colgate... let's say it was good.

Anyway, great store, I'll certainly be back, and I highly recommend.

Was in NYC a few weeks ago and stopped at Cambridge and Pasteur. Help was courteous, but not eager, at Pasteur. On the other hand, Scott and I talked shop for a good 20 minutes at Cambridge. Both places definitely worth a visit. Picked up a Tabac bowl, an Erasmic puck and some blades at Pasteur. Then added Trumper Violet soap, a tube of "India" Old Spice Cream, a Merkur HD (had been using a 38C, but some vintage Gillettes got me into the shorter handle) and lots of samples at Cambridge.

The added bonus, however, was my lunch at Burger Heaven right next door to Pasteur! Sometimes you just need a good greasy burger.

Check it out if you don't have time to make it up "to Melon's for a burger" (with apologies to Paul Reiser).
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