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INFO! B&B's new BST guidelines (updated November 17th, 2022)

BST guidelines:
By using the BST you're agreeing to our "Caveat Emptor" (Let the buyer beware) policy. This means the administrators, moderators and B&B are not responsible for any possible negative outcomes that may result from sale/trade agreements made in the BST forum.

  • Ongoing, regular participation in the community at Badger & Blade is a requirement to use the Buy Sell Trade Forum
  • To create a thread (once every 15 days) you must be a member for 45 days with 50 quality posts
  • You may post a response to For Sale/Trade threads at any time after you reach 45 days and 50 posts, however best practice is to send a private conversation to arrange a sale or trade. There is no need to post interest in the thread.
  • Members who do not meet the 45 days/50 post requirement, but who have at least 10 posts can reply to ads by starting a private conversation through the members profile
  • Gift cards, store credits or reward points, tobacco, alcohol, firearms and firearms parts, and products of questionable taste or dubious legality may not be sold nor traded in the BST. Legal tobacco, alcohol and firearms accessories are acceptable.
  • Sales and Trades are limited to in hand goods. Each B/S/T sale post must contain a legible, physical note with user name and date in the photo of each item being sold or traded, either grouped or individually. Subsequent detail photo's of the same items in the same post may have, but do not require a user name and date included. Name and date must be photographed, not photoshopped to ensure that items for sale are actual in hand goods.
  • Prices are mandatory and can not be deleted after the sale. No make me an offer type posts.
  • For buyer protection payment must be made using PayPal Goods and Services only. Any seller requesting "Friends and Family" or other payments are violating the forum rules and should be reported.
  • Do not ask potential buyers to calculate fee offsets, the price posted should be all inclusive. PayPal forbids sellers from charging buyers their selling fees.
  • On topic discussion is encouraged. Seller response to value comments is discouraged. Repeating the same comments voiced by others is discouraged.
  • The BST is not to be used as a storefront as determined at moderator discretion
  • Posting a BST ad that is not in compliance with these guidelines will result in the thread being deleted. The member must wait two weeks till he is able to post there again. Repeated posting of BST threads that are not in compliance will result in a ban from the BST area.
The Moderators of Badger & Blade reserve the right to alter and apply these guidelines on a case by case basis at anytime.
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Info Post:

Calling attention to
  • Ongoing, regular participation in the community at Badger & Blade is a requirement to use the Buy Sell Trade Forum
If you haven't posted in a year, don't expect your sudden BST thread to stay up.
Ditto if you've posted 20 times, and 15 of those are BST threads.

The purpose of requiring regular posting in order to use the BST is twofold.
1. It gives people an idea of the kind of person you are before going into a business transaction with you.
2. The BST is a benefit to the participating members here, not a storefront for drive by sellers who don't benefit the site by participating.
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