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At long last, the Shave Cabinet

Well, this has been a few months in coming (okay, more than a few), but I have finally put up and photographed my new shave cabinet.

Some history: once upon a time Joel chose me as the recipient of an old Olympus digital camera of his, contingent on my using it to post all sorts of pics of my shave stuff to the board. Whereupon I promptly absconded with it into an incredibly busy several months, having posted nothing.

This is the first of many steps toward redemption, or at least that's my intent. :blushing:

Okay, to start off, here's a pic of what my "shave den" looked like before putting up the cabinet:


...note the massive cream and other paraphernalia cluttering the back corner. Pretty obvious I'm still in search of a SWMBO, eh? :thumbup1:

Okay, after much measuring, drilling, and sweating with toggle bolts, here's the new cabinet:


And here it is, open to display all its contents:


Here's a close-up of all the SCAD madness (minor though it be):


(Clockwise from upper left: Taylor's creams, Em's place Lavender hydrosol, Florida water from Walgreens, B&B cologne vial, Trumper's and Nancy Boy creams, Coate's creams, L'Occitaine soap, Tabac soap, Musgo Real cream tube, Vulfix 2234, Col. Conk mug, Williams cake, QED Lavender soap (TiVo mug), Vulfix 2197, Proraso tube, Truefitt & Hill creams. On top of the cabinet: witch hazel bottle, SMF Brush.)

And, finally, the (slightly) transformed shave area, with only the basics still front & center:


So anyway, it's good to be a little more organized. Here's to more pix in the future!

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Took me one hundredth of a second to see that TiVo mug, very cool. :thumbup1:


P.S. Oh, that cabinet's pretty nice too. :wink:

Very nicely done. I am, however, a little disappointed to see the electric shaver on the counter-top (unless you're keeping if for a doorstop).
Kyle: The electric shaver is there to get around the one mole on my face I can't seem to shave without danger of abrupt, bloody removal. I've tried plucking, and that has helped, but only so much.

Perhaps I should post in the razors/DE forum asking about prominent moles.

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