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Art of Shaving Rose Hydrosol - Discussion

I'd like to know this as well. I currently got an acne breakout. I attribute it to my ASB. Most any ASB will cause me to break out. And I'm not putting alcohol on my face. So I've decided to use Alum - Hydrosol - Talc as my aftershave. I'm leaning towards the pure Rosewater Hydrosol. Any thoughts?
I read about the AOS Hydrosol somewhere and thought I would give it a try since I have sensitive skin. I didn't really like the idea of spending 22.00 bucks for some rose water so I went with some Burt's Bees rose water for about 9.00 bucks. The drawback is that the Burt's Bees also has alcohol in it where the AOS is just pure distilled rose water.
This is what i do....
once i finished the aos rose water i kept the metal bottle to be refilled, i bought rose water from the health food store(pure rose petal water) that runs like 7 dollars for a bottle biger than the aos and then i mixed it with lavander witch hazel...and bouila....the perfect pre-aftershave lotion.
The ratio i like is 70% rose water 30% witch hazel lavander.
the scent is also incredible.
I use it after the shave after the cold rinse before the alchol aftershave...incredible results.
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