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Around the house wear

My Mon-Fri work attire is dress shirt and tie with sport jacket. I wear a suit for important meetings. At home around the house or if I run out on errands, it's jeans or shorts and long-sleeve or short sleeve shirts depending on weather; none of which has holes, tears, or stains. Again, depending on weather it's either Sperry Top-siders, sneakers, or TEVA closed toe sandals.

When working outside, when I know I am going to get dirty, it's military surplus trousers, tee-shirts, and Wolverine steel-tip or Wetland Muck boots.

After my evening shave, Fall, Winter, and Spring:
  • woolly socks
  • soft-soled moccasins
  • black fleece pants
  • T-shirt (usually with long sleeves)
  • brown plaid thick flannel shirt that is several sizes too big. I's best feature is the chest pockets - one for my flip-phone, one for my iPod touch, AND a narrow pen/pencil pocket
  • we like to keep the thermostat down, so a thin "SmartWool" knit cap
  • short fleece pants
  • short-sleeve cotton button-up shirt, also with two pockets, many with Hawaiian prints.
At home, dress like you expect to have to answer the door ...

Not so much “fight” it as find a stylish way to pull it off.

My stylishly dressed staff answer the door so i can keep joyously mucking about in my tower wearing my rags.

Rusty Blade

My stylishly dressed staff answer the door so i can keep joyously mucking about in my tower wearing my rags.
Glad to know I am not alone in this. I always make sure the servants are well dressed in case someone comes to the door.
Hmm. I wear absolutely nothing at all. I live in an apartment on the SoCal beach, so cold weather is never problem. I like the freedom of just being naked; yes, there is a mild sensual undercurrent at play here. Oh, I live alone. After my divorce, I had a nude roommate who put me in a much more relaxed state of mind about not being clad indoors. Plus I am just an old hippie at heart. Jeans and tee-shirt when I go out, dropped to the floor the second I come in the door.
I typically wear pajamas if I am home for the day. Something like this:

Depending on the season, the bottoms will be either flannel, cotton, or polyester. The tops are a cotton/polyester blend that is lighter and stretchier than a typical T-shirt. They are super comfortable, and last for years and years, considering that holes and wear and such are not a concern to me. I usually wear socks, as well, and I have a pair of slippers for when I step outside. By no means is any of this fashionable, but I don't care.

Of course, if I am doing any yard work, I change into whatever clothes I have lying around. I actually have a pair of shoes that I use just for yard work, because I'm always getting grass clippings on them when I use my weed wacker.
I'll dress presentably if I leave the house, even if it's just to the local shop, but at home I'll bum about in anything. Usually stuff that's battered or well worn. No point in adding mileage to the good stuff.
Brooks Brothers chinos and Viyella shirts, and just before bed Derek Rose or Liberty of London pj's.

Oh, and Crocs :) ...
I’m usually jeans and a shirt, but I do have this 1990s vintage pair of Gap cargo pants that I’ll pad around in.

The pockets are big enough to hold a 13” MacBook Pro.
Clothes?? What are those??:001_302::001_302:

My current(and often typical) home attire is black pants, white shirt, and a pair of red button on suspenders. Sometimes I like a waistcoat, too. My wife thinks I should be terribly uncomfortable. However, in my opinion, it less about what you wear and more about how you wear it....:001_cool:
Okay...for starters, I am the type of guy who, for most of my life, has dressed like a slob around the house. Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Comfort before style. I get home, and its off with the dress clothes and on with the comfy clothes. Around the garden its jeans and t-shirts and sneakers...with holes in them. When I go out - even for groceries -- I tend to take my style of dress up a notch and go "dress casual". At the office, it is a notch up from there at "one notch higher than dress casual".

How do you dress around the house? Anyone keep up the dress casual or even more formal wear around the house?
Depending on the weather, I'm wearing a plain pocket t-shirt and casual shorts or sweatpants.
Got some quality Hurley and Travis Mathew solid t-shirts that last a year and some Champion and Rhone sweatpants and Lululemon and Costco brand golf shorts. Both comfortable and great for throwing the ball in the yard with the kids.