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Around the house wear

Okay...for starters, I am the type of guy who, for most of my life, has dressed like a slob around the house. Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Comfort before style. I get home, and its off with the dress clothes and on with the comfy clothes. Around the garden its jeans and t-shirts and sneakers...with holes in them. When I go out - even for groceries -- I tend to take my style of dress up a notch and go "dress casual". At the office, it is a notch up from there at "one notch higher than dress casual".

How do you dress around the house? Anyone keep up the dress casual or even more formal wear around the house?
Outside of work or Sunday service, it is jeans with a t-shirt or pullover. I celebrate 28 years of marriage next month and my wife has yet to complain. I figure I might as well be comfortable.

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I dress every morning for a day at home knowing full well i'm going to get my hands and the rest of me dirty. Unless i'm going out somewhere, holes, rips, melted holes, stains, paint smears are acceptable.

Dressed to the nines from my closet is a clean pair of jeans and t-shirt, my current attire as i just returned home a library/espresso run. Now about clean... the jeans i have on i've had since Sept. 2017 and they've never been washed but they're clean...

Closet.. well there really isn't anything hanging up in there that i wear.
I usually have jeans on with a slip on shirt. Then around 6:00 pm I put on very casual pants. Almost like PJ's, with a T-shirt. What the hell, I'm home.
Apparently I dress like a slob a lot around the house. The telltale is that when I'm wearing decent clothes I'll still sometimes wipe dirt, oil, reloading press gunk, etc. on them out of habit without thinking.
Apparently I dress like a slob a lot around the house. The telltale is that when I'm wearing decent clothes I'll still sometimes wipe dirt, oil, reloading press gunk, etc. on them out of habit without thinking.
Yup, automatic reflex. I automatically sit on the floor no matter what i'm wearing, stay off the furniture.


At home it is a polo shirt and track pants for comfort. Jeans and polo shirt for social outing, uniform for work. Good clothes for actually going out. I have far too many clothes that I do not wear so I should pass them on and thin down.
y'all wear clothes around the house? all y'all?

super casual around the house, usually clean. ratty or dirty-able clothes for work around the house, as befits the work. shorts and t-shirt, sport sandals, running/trail shoes when it's warm if the task allows. shorts and boots if needed, full legged pants and boots if required to maintain epidural integrity. I can't really barefoot around the yard due to stickers.

casually clean when I leave for whatever, dressed appropriately for the event attending otherwise.
I'm a bit slobbier at home than when I'm out. I usually wear an undershirt at home (or a shirt that really should be in the laundry basket), but put on a better shirt before going out.
Imo jeans and tshirts arent always slobbing it. Good quality fitted jeans and plain (no printing), solid color tshirts make a huge difference. I also prefer boots over sneakers like Clarks desert boots. Unless at work or a social outting, Im always in jeans, tshirts, and boots.
Depends on the season.....colder weather I'm in Under Armour thermal shirts and nicer sweatpants (Varvatos etc) and Ugg slippers...warmer weather I'll take it up a notch; nicer fitted shorts, V neck black T shirts, less comfortable but more stylish shoes.


Dress for the activity. I’m an outdoorsman, laborer and a gardener in spare time. Dress casual at work. Finery for special occasions. Why fight practicality?
Round the house I'm usually in track suit bottoms, a canvas fisherman's smock and Birkenstock sandals, no socks. They don't go past the front gate!


I Leave The Toilet Seat Up.
Inside the house with just “us”
Shorts no shirt and flip flops

If family visiting I put on a shirt
Around the house usually means old clothes. This is from growing up on a farm. The only special wear is overalls, which I prefer, but those tend to be uncomfortable in hot weather. I still have some old, worn, jeans that I wear around home. I will concede to wear cheap tennis shoes around the house in the summer, but not often.