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Aristocrat versus Super Speed

Can anyone here comment on the differences between these two models? They appear very similar to me. I suspect that the Super Speed supersedes the Aristocrat. I am curious to know if there is any remarkable difference in the way they shave.
The main difference is the handle and weight. You would be surprised at how it can make a difference in the shave.
The aristocrat is heavier. The superspeed is a budget razor! An aristocrat in a moderate-good condition will cost almost twice as much as superspeed in a similar condition..
Comparing a Gillette Aristocrat to a Gillette Super Speed is kinda like comparing an upscale automobile such as a Cadillac to a more pedestrian car such as a Chevrolet. Both cars are good cars, and both cars will take you to your destinatiion with dependabililty. But there is a difference that is both apparent and subtle.

The Aristocrat is an outstanding razor that has the look and the feel of high quality and sophisticated engineering. Most Super Speed razors can shave just as well as the Aristocrat (and that's important to remember), but physically they don't have the same charisma of quality and appearance. There is a reason why the Aristocrat is several times more expensive than its lesser brother and is highly valued by collectors.

BTW I have 3 Super Speeds and 3 Aristocrats, and I love all 6 of 'em.
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The main difference is in appearance. When I shave with an aristocrat I feel like I'm doing myself a favor. It looks elegant and beautiful next to some of my other razors. It also FEELS just like it looks. Superspeeds get the job done and are great in their own way but I wouldn't even really compare the two.
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