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Aristocrat Razor Kit just inherited. 1941 model?

Hello all at Badger & Blade, this is my first post regarding my first Vintage Gillette Razor.
My Uncle left this to me and I would like to positively identify it with your help.
I did some research on this site and it looks like there are many versions from alot of different years.
I did find a post with an Aristocrat that has most of the same parts & extras as mine, except the
outer cardboard box is different. The post identifies that one as a 1941.
The Razor itself is in verygood+ condition with light signs of wear.
I am posting some pics to get started and can provide more if necessary!
Thanks for any helpful info you all might have.
Notes: I do notice the Diamond Gillette Logo has Trade Mark shown on either side of the arrow.
That logo is seen under the razor bay, inside the case & on top of the blade container.


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Welcome to B&B!
Wow ... that's a gorgeous razor. I'm not an expert on that era but I think your deduction is probably quite correct. Enjoy it!
Gillette Aristocrats are the fancier version of whatever happens to be in production at the time.

Yours is the fancier version of the Ranger,
which is a type with fanatical adhererents.

Thanks!! :c6: Kinda ironic, I started growing my full winter beard last month, so I wont be shaving my face till next June.
6 months of snow & cold here in the Colorado Rockies.
Welcome aboard! Nice looking razor!

"6 months of snow & cold here in the Colorado Rockies."

But a beautiful part of the country!
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