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Aristocrat Junior question

I've got an Aristocrat Junior and was wondering of anybody can cast any light on what it is, or might be, plated with. The thing is the head looks shinier and a bit whiter than my nickel plated vintage razors, while the handle looks a bit more grey to me. However, the head isn't an exact match for my Aristocrat no 16, which is definitely rhodium plated. So, might the head of the Junior be rhodium plated and the handle nickel, or is the head just very high quality nickel? Were some Juniors rhodium plated and ones from other periods done in nickel, or a mix of the two?
I've tried to capture these differences with my camera, but I'm afraid they don't really show up. Any information will be most welcome.
possibly Nickel plated head and Aluminium handle?

I'm pretty sure no Juniors were made with aluminium handles (although you never know with Gillette) and it also feels much too heavy — a hefty 71 grams. It shaves very nicely, btw.
the Aristocrat jr. is nickel plated, but the head is high polished and very shiny

Thanks a lot for that. It's nice to know these things, and I couldn't seem to get a firm answer from my trawling of the web. I did find a few references to rhodium plating, but I suspect these were wishful thinking on the part of those who wrote them.
its like the #58, the head is so shiny it makes you think its rhodium plated, the gillette president is another razor that the head is like a mirror, the plating on the heads of these razors is top notch.
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