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Aristocrat junior/ Gillette Rocket (HD500?) pair

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Selling these as I don't use them enough, might as well go to someone who can appreciate them.

Gillette Aristocrat Junior razor, Made in England, Model 1949. Razor is 2nd generation Aristocrat Junior in great condition. The head is the same as the Aristocrat #16, with a different handle. Works as it should, TTO works as it smooth, silo doors open and close evenly and securely. No bent parts or other misalignment. Nickel-plate intact. You don't see often this type of razors in that great condition.

I don’t know much about the Gillette Rocket but it’s also in great condition, function as expected with no brassing, looks hardly used, Made in England, could be HD500.

Also including is the metal tube, the label says Roblex, in very good condition.
Price is US$110 for the pair, shipped to US/Canada, via PayPal.

There is a difference by the way between the Rocket and the Rocket HD in terms of the HD having an extra ring just below the top. As per mr. Razors website:




Head appears to be the same and it is a great shaver. I managed to pick on up on a vintage fair earlier this year.

Your razors are in great condition and very friendly priced.


Wow!! those razors are in Excellant condition.. Anyone have any clue what that metal pipe is about?

I know roblox is a kids video game.. No clue what that has to do with a metal pipe
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