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Anyone here enjoy using fountain pens? Some of my favorite fountain pens alongside some of my favorite Filli 14’s….

My three most user/favorite fountain pens: Pilot Custom 823 FA Amber Demonstrator with upgraded ebonite dual slit feed. Pilot Custom 742 FA with upgraded ebonite dual slit feed. Lamy Safari White Medium Nib.

One of my Gen 1 (Doble Temple) Filly 14’s is currently with Doc Alfredo in order to get the best edge possible while maintaining the full 8/8 width.

And I have another Gen 1 Filli 14 that I just scored for only $80 on its way. The scales are garbage but the blade is a 31/32 Medallion Taurino (Rejoneo). It’ll be my first Medallion Taurino Limited Edition so I was thrilled about getting it for such an awesome price.

I sure do love me some First Generation Filli 14’s!
Love the fountain pen. Actually, went to my first "pen" show earlier this year. Which seems a bit ludicrous. I went from using just one Waterman Phileas for years to having many, many pens and inks.

I have only used Metro Pilots, not any fancy ones. The Lamy is a solid user. I have also tried to use a straight this year. It has not worked out. I may try again. I think I need to properly sharpen the blades.
Yep, I own way too many fountain pens! Favorites are Lamy 2000, Pilot retractable, and a number of Kawecos, although I prefer 14k or 18k nibs. My wife is a teacher and she always has a Lamy 2000, a few Safaris, some TWSBIs, etc all loaded with different colors for her school work. There’s a whole forum here dedicated to this stuff…enjoy!
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