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??Anyone for a TX get together??

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Well I will be home for a couple of weeks in April for Mid Tour from Afghanistan. I will be in the DFW area and am wondering if anyone would like to think about having a get together or something fun like that. I am putting this up now in hopes that we can get something hashed out before then. And as much as I hate to admit it, I would like to meet some of y'all. So all you red blooded Texans, Lets get together and have a grand ole time.

This is not restricted from other types of people, non-Texans are allowed if you will be in the area or are close enough to drive and want to.
Sounds good. I would be more than happy to welcome you back home- maybe eat some BBQ, drink a few beverages and talk smart.

Let us in on the details.
I believe he referring to those not fortunate enough to have been born in, or have moved to, what we lovingly refer to as "God's country". :biggrin:
I was referencing the film Tropic Thunder. Maybe you guys remember the ads for the film. It had an exchange like that.

By the way, I don't think there are any "other types of people". Even non-Texans wish they were Texans, and that should count.


And the New Yorker exits stage Northeast...
Well, I should be returning to Tx on or around the 10th, and will leave on or around the 25th. So for weekends we have: Sat. 11, Sun. 12, Sat. 18, and Sun. 19 also the Friday evenings coinciding accordingly. This is assuming that weekends are best for everyone, I will be on leave, so I will be off everyday. (this is why I posted this early)

I am not looking for anything special, I would just like to get together with some people, oddly enough people who I have never met, and just hang out. BBQ is always a plus, and with BBQ comes beverage.

So lets get to figgerin on these here dates an come to some sorta reserlution.

**As a side note, It is oddly true that Texans refer to home as God's Country, I guess it's said so commonly because it is true.**
By the way, I don't think there are any "other types of people". Even non-Texans wish they were Texans, and that should count.
:thumbup1:So much so that they will claim to be a Texan, when it's apparent that they are not. :biggrin:

Chiming in so I can follow along. Hope to be able to participate and give out a "thank you" to paulc. for his service! :thumbup1:
May I suggest the 18th at lunchtime. We can get together for a couple of hours then. What says the other North Texans? I am amenable to other dates as well. I am simply trying to push our group to commit to a date.

As last time, I will bring a number of wetshaving items for trade.
As of right now, I think the 18th would be great. Sounds interesting.:yesnod:
Good Show Gents. I like the 18th. And thank you for getting the ball rolling. Now we need to decide where. I'm willing to drive just about anywhere. I will not be staying in the metroplex, rather where I will be is Decatur which is a bit away from the plex by about an hour. So I don't mind driving if yall want to meet up in town...if yall want to make the drive that is fine too my friend owns an antique/coffee shop on the square in Decatur, and I am sure that she would let us gather there. Which I will talk to her about in the next few days if that is an option that yall would like to persue.
An update. My friend with the antique/coffee shop will be relocating her shop in the april/may timeframe, so she says it wouldn't be a very good time for her. So that won't work. Any suggestions, comments, ideas or concerns? I am open for anything.
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