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Duke Cannon Supply Company

Also, I think the question came up as to whether Duke Cannon soaps were all natural. There seems to be a video out there, maybe even on You Tube, saying not. I do not really care. I think I have more of a skin reaction to certain natural ingredients than to anything artificial.

My stock comment on this subject: "Poison ivy is all-natural."

So is ricin.
I do not remember whether I have used Dove Sensitive before. Any commercial soap seems to be irritating to me in my experience. I am not really looking for a soap to be moisturizing. One can always apply some lotion after a shower. I do not. I suppose my skin is not that dry.
We all have different skin. Sadly, a lot of natural ingredients cause reactions for me—I tried Tom’s deodorant and had a rash in like 2 days. Commercial soaps use ingredients that don’t qualify as natural but are designed to minimize reactions for the most people possible (of course not all, as your experience proves). Also, I work for a chemical company so I’m probably not as worried about chemicals as some people (but there are also some chemicals I worry about more than most people, lol).
The Buffalo Trace Bourbon scent is fantastic!
I agree. And so far it really stands out to me from the Duke Cannon line as wonderful and intense. I was skeptical before I bought a bar. I was not thinking that something based on bourbon, especially on charred oak barrels would be something that would smell that good.
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