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Anybody still using and loving their Karve Christopher Bradley?

It’s a very good razor. Yes, still in rotation. Very easy to use and never fails to give excellent shave results.

A few years ago I purchased an aluminum CB with a C plate and never looked back. Easily the smoothest, and irritation free shaves I have ever had. I did get a Overlander, but wasn't happy with it. Meanwhile my Muhle R94, Game changer .84, and Merkur 37c slant gather dust.

Eben Stone

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Karve CB is still a good razor; the Overlander is just a better one...in my opinion. Many disagree, but I'd wager them a minority. He learned a lot from the CB and implemented that experience into the Overlander.

Fortunately we don't have to choose one over the other
Excluding it's lack of blade exposure and minimal blade gap, I do prefer the overall geometry of the Overlander compared to the Christopher Bradley. It bends the blade more which I think is better. But the thing that really made the CB stand out amongst the competition is the variety of base plates. Reviewers would often compare a razor to Karve plate X. IMO, that's what put them on the playing field they are on today. Now they are building a one-size-fits-all razor with the Overlander. If they offered the same variety of blade exposures and gaps with the Overlander as they do with the CB I wouldn't have sold mine after two shaves. I feel like they've forgot what they learned made them successful and focusing too much on the mild razor enthusiasts.

I have a brass Christopher Bradley with open comb "E" plate. It's one of my top 5 razors.


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Well, I can attest to Chris at Karve's assessment that the Open Comb G is more aggressive than the same in a Safety Bar. I've had a G SB for awhile, as noted earlier they will make a G in Open Comb on Special Order. I used the new OC "G" for the first time and it is uber efficient
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