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First Shave With A Vintage Bakelite Souplex Double Six Minor

Razor: Souplex Double Six Minor Mk1 c. Late 1940's
Blade: Ladas Super Stainless (4)
Soap: arko!
Brush: Wilko Synthetic 'The Dreadnaught'
AS: Nivea Sensitive

This was actually my first shave with a bakelite of any description, let alone one with the amazing design characteristics as this Double Six Minor.

It is effectively an adjustable razor, in that you can set the head in two ways prior to the shave. One side will give you an incredibly wide gap, and the other still significantly wide but less insane. In addition it appears that you can choose blade exposure. The asymmetric base plate allows you to have a wide blade gap and an extreme positive blade exposure, wide blade gap and what appears to feel like a less positive blade exposure, or the narrow gap with both exposure options. You just assemble the head according to your requirements. At least this is how I read it first time out.

I chose the wide gap with the less extreme blade exposure and the narrow gap with high. Or rather the razor chose it for me, as I was more concerned that the razor would just survive the shave.

Anyway the first pass WTG was the wide gap. I have always honoured the rule of no pressure somewhat loosely, but this razor rather demanded it, so I just let it skim off the lather from my skin. An incredibly efficient first pass resulted. I also felt almost immediately that this was a very user-friendly design. No nasty tricks up its sleeve, just lovely, and a wonderful face feel too.

The XTG and ATG passes were done with the narrower gap high exposure side. Again, amazingly gentle and responsive considering that it felt like I was just using the blade wrapped up in some tape sometimes.

I think you know when you are using a great razor when you do a sort of insane giggle between passes. I was doing that quite a bit.

All done. A BBS result with no nicks, weepers or drama.

Fantastic shave. This is a brilliant razor!


Lunatic Fringe
Staff member
Same razor as mine featured here in the wiki? Looks to be.

I wasn't aware of the asymmetrical feature .... I suppose I never looked that closely. I do have both a metal and a bakelite German razor with offset top caps that offer three different configurations depending on cap placement.

Glad you got it repaired. Now I'll have to try mine again after 12 years of hibernation.
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