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Anybody else miss shaving with just one razor?

I shaved with the same razor for decades. Now (with the scourge of RAD entering my life--LOL) I've got twelve razors. They are all better than the one I shaved with for decades, but switching amongst my razors, I miss the continuity and familiarity of shaving with the same razor every day. Plus there are, at times, surprises (nicks and cuts) when I'm not paying particular attention to the efficiency of the razor I'm using that day. Anybody else miss being in the groove of shaving with just one razor every day?
I did the same. One, not so good DE razor at a time. My last one was a Zamak and brass Butterfly razor that lasted 8 years.

Then I discovered, quite by accident I might add, an affordable stainless steel razor and B&B.

Luckily, I've held my RAD to a minimum - only three razors. Each increasing in "Aggressiveness" and "Efficiency". I'm extremely happy with what I have. I've enjoyed shaves each has given. Honestly, unlike 'Ahab and his White Whale', a 'perfect shave' was never my motivation. A CCS/DFS was and is, good enough for me. I'm not that particular.

I've "collected" enough 'things' in my 68 revolutions around our Sol to fill warehouses. Kind of like women, I nolonger have the burning desire to aquire one after another. Same goes for razors.

That's my story. Can't say it won't change. I never say never.


This is funny ... I was just thinking of this today.
For years I shaved for work every day and used a cartridge razor and Barbasol shave cream and never thought one thing about it. It was just something that had to be done, like taking out the trash or doing the dishes.
That changed when I got into wet shaving several months ago.
I now have five razors with a 6th on the way.
I have 8 different soaps/shave creams.
I have 231 blades from 17 different brands or sub brands.
So every day, my first choice is: "What razor do I use today? Which soap or shave cream? Which blade?"
I laugh about it sometimes.:biggrin:
It's enjoyable and adds some spice to my otherwise thankfully quiet life.
But there are times I confess that I think, "What happened to just having one razor/one blade/one shave cream?"
Maybe down the road I'll get to that point and narrow it down to just one combination every day.
But I'm not quite there yet. It's too much fun and too interesting to simply limit myself to one combo. I enjoy trying different combinations.
I started wet shaving about 27 years ago when. Back then, I bought a Gillette Click (plastic DE razor) and used it exclusively for almost 20 years. During this time, no one I knew used a DE razor. I knew nothing about the various types of blades and that there were good quality razors being sold. I just shaved with body soap and cheap Indian made razors. Hated shaving, but what I used got the job done. How things have changed once I discovered B&B, YouTube videos and learned about all the fantastic products out there.
I now look forward to my shaves and I just love having variety. I don't think I can go back to using just one razor. I definitely won't enjoy it as much as I am now, especially considering the huge number of products I have. I love seeing how different razor/blade combinations work for me.
My answer to the OP's title question is a resounding no.

If you want more continuity, it's in your hands. Just because you have multiple razors doesn't mean you have to use them. Pick one and stick with it as long as you like. As far as I can tell, nobody is forcing you to change it up all the time, right? So do what you want!
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