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Anybody else make their own jerky?

I did. Twice. And it was fantastic! One tray of Bison and one tray of 96% lean ground beef. Maple-jalapeno cure.

Yes, and pemmican.
I’m just out of the pemmican from a batch almost a year ago.The jerky from the same time didn’t last half that. Consumed, not spoiled. I am due to re-stock each. I have Goat, Lamb,Yak, and Bison to go between the two. These were some of last winter’s. 0CB8355D-BD70-49D9-8DCC-5ABFD35DBABE.jpeg 97E54DE8-B3F2-4BEA-948D-AD972424D9E6.jpeg BB95A1BC-F5AC-439C-A573-6B7F66477CD3.jpeg AC4C8E41-4B93-42B2-9F3B-B5DDEA76F632.jpeg 2C160B76-5DEE-4B6D-B9AF-733FC7116BB4.jpeg
Haven’t made it in years. I should give it another go since my boys eat jerky like crazy. When I did make it I used skirt steak. I would roll the skirt steak then put it in the freezer to get it almost frozen so it’s easier to slice thin. Then brine it with soy, brown sugar, mirin and apple juice. Half the batch was just with the brine/marinade. The other half I would sprinkle pepper flakes on. I would use one pan of alder or apple wood chips in a little chief electric smoker.
Anyone want to share their recipe's?
Mine's pretty simple! Cabelas has an assortment of jerky mix in boxes. Individual packets inside that you add a little water to and then marinate the sliced meat overnight. Each package does 5 pounds and there are three packages inside. If you are using ground, you just mix it up and go. Next, you put it in the dehydrator for a few hours until it's done. Going to try smoking some next. Keeping the heat to around 160° is key. I'm sure there are other pre-made mixes available and I've read a lot of recipes online. I like the idea of a cure AND a marinade so the jerky stays safe longer.
Dehydrator here. Tenderize the meat and let it sit in marinadefor 24 hours. Pat dry with towels and put in dehydrator.


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We used to do beef brisket in Ron Popeil's dehydrator, with his recipe. It was awesome, and easy!
I can't wait to process some of my excess garden vegetables. I had some dehydrated okra last year that was great.
My Bison jerky mix from last winter-I think I had five lbs of flank.
2 shots maple syrup
2 shots coconut aminos
2 shots, molasses,
two shots salt Pink Himalayan
Liquid hickory smoke - maybe 1-1/2 T
2 shots honey
Three shots sassafras tea concentrate. (Brewed from rootj
2 shots aronia berry syrup.
3 T chokeberry honey mustard
3 shots acv
Hemp hearts

I’ll try to remember to paste the recipe I started with y3ars ago. It’s more of a traditional Worcestershire/ketchup/liquid smoke/salt/pepper/sugar mix, I adjust mine to allow for multiple food allergies.
Anyone want to share their recipe's?
Sure. Marinade strips overnight in:

1 small 4 ounce bottle of Colgin hickory liquid smoke (which measures out to 5 fluid ounces...if you have the large bottle and need to measure).
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder

That's usually enough to do about a pound-and-a-half or two pounds of meat.

Turn the oven on as low as it will go. I've used a dehydrator and it works well, but the marinade drips and leaves a mess I'd rather not clean up. Line the bottom rack of the oven with foil. You can crack the oven door open with something so it will be a little cooler. Place the strips on a rack in the middle position of the oven and bake about 6 hours, then turn and bake about 6 hours more. Turn off oven and let jerky cool overnight.

I store my strips in airtight mason jars. I have some now that's been there about 2 years and it's still fine.