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Any Love For Chinchalero's?

Let me say first off, i'm not a true cigar smoker. I dabble with a few nice sticks a year, and maybe a couple of midrangers a month, but do not consider it as a hobby, unlike pipes. Lately, however, i've been ditching the pipes and (dreaded) cigarettes in favour of some cheap, short-smoking sticks.
I really like Villiger Export line. They're cheap, portable, burn really nicely and aren't hard to find. I was digging around on the net, and it seems that Chinchalero make a few sticks that seem to be what i'm looking for as an addition to the Villigers.

I know they're not exactly high end, but does anyone dig the offerings from Chinchalero?

I apologize you haven't received any responses to this thread. To be honest, I have never heard of this brand. For a short smoke, I turn to Partagas Chicos cigarillo size. I also enjoy Fuente Hemingway Short Stories as well as Olive Serie G Special G. I can get a good 20-30 minute smoke from these three. Granted, the Hemingway is twice the price as the Oliva G, so I din't smoke those as often.

Since Habanos are readily available to you in the UK, you should check out the Partagas Chicos. They are a flavorful little cigar.


I lived for a while in Plymouth, Devon, and learned that the selections you have there are often different than ours here, and that Habanos are criminally expensive. Most of the Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran cigars we smoke here are limited in their availability there. I found that I enjoyed Danneman cigars for an affordable short smoke.
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