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Antique Store Bargins Do Exist!

So most of the antique store razors I see are usually overpriced. I can understand what is going on. The sellers are trying to sell antiques, and I'm trying to buy a razor... not a collectible.

Sunday afternoon, SWMBO and I took a trip to a new shop down the street from us. The store was mostly full of old furniture. Some of it was pretty cool, but nothing that I wanted and certainly not the vintage Gillettes or Gems that I was hoping for. I checked all of the cased of trinkets and other junk and didn't see a single razor. Suddenly SWMBO says, "Jake did you see this?" And shows me a silver colored razor that looks just like my 40s gold Aristocrat, except it was silver.

It seemed to be in good condition. The case was a little beat up, but it still had a case. It has a box of blades, but they were Schick...obviously not a match. Price... $15.

I decided that I didn't really need another Aristocrat. So we left.

This afternoon, I decide take a look at Mr-Razor and see what exactly it is that I was looking at.

Some of you may already know, but it was a 50s President.

SWMBO just happened to stay home from work today, and since the store closes at the same time that I get off, I begged her to go out in the rain and buy the razor for me.

Now, with a grand total of $16.04, I am now the proud owner of a 1953 1st Quarter Rhodium plated Gillette President.

I think I made out pretty d*mn well on this deal.
I have been optimistic for a long time that I will come across such a find. My optimism was beginning to sink somewhat though - thanx for the refresher!! :w00t:
The most satisfying acquisitions are of the "found it just sitting there on a shelf for $15" variety. Well done. Well done indeed! I would love to know what you think of the shave with that fine tool.
Beautiful razor and awesome score! Congratulations. The President has given me some of the smoothest shaves I've ever had. I'd also try Red Israeli Personnas in it for a while because I found that the President is somewhere between aggressive and mild.
Thanks guys. I'm definitely giving this guy a try tonight. What I meant by the right blades was "matching" blades. Or at least the matching dispenser.
:drool: one day. . . my best luck so far has been a gem travel razor that I declined to purchase and some rusty straights that I have also passed on
Ah yes the "in the wild" finds are always best, my best find was in a flea market. Not a highly collectible razor but I found a late 1940s Rocket, in case with instructions and original blade dispenser with 5 blades still in the dispenser.


I have a friend that owns an antique shop, and she says she has a couple of boxes of razor some where, but she just moved to her new location so she is not sure where they are. I have first dibs on the razors when she finds them:thumbup:
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