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Anthony Logistics Shave Cream...

I had a near full tube of this left over from before I began using a brush. I always liked the stuff, but it certainly didn't seem like it would work with a brush, so it was relegated to the bathroom drawer. I don't know why it took me almost two years to to at least try it with a brush, and see if it would work. I guess I realized that it is similar in consistency to Kiss My Face, which lathers well. So, the stuff lathers up great and provides a slick shave. It's reasonably priced ($15 for 6 ozs.). It is very gentle on the skin, and has really great cooling effect.

So, if you have a tube of this lying around thinking it is obsolete in the world of shaving brushes... it is not. If you are looking for a mild, slightly minty scented, slick, and very cooling shave cream, you should consider this.

I almost bought a tube at Bath and Body awhile back, but the sales gal insisted it didn't lather at all, so I didn't get it.

Do you use a bowl or lather it directly on your face with the brush?
I lather it in a bowl. I probably used a little more than I needed this morning, as it was my firt go with it. But I think, in general, one does not have to use more of this cream than he would with other creams... again, I only have one data point. But that's my initial impression.

Anthony Logistics also sells a shave gel, which I would assume doesn't lather. I don't know if that's the product the salesperson was referring to. Again, I think because it's marketed as brushless, people haven't tried it with a brush.

I used to use this shave cream before I started using a brush. It was excellent, very slick and left my face feeling very moisturized. I trashed the remaining 1/4 tube when I started using a brush. I guess I should have kept it. I'm sure many of these companies market their shave cream as brushless since the potential market for brushless products is currently much higher than the niche (although growing) brush market.
I shaved with this again this morning... same great results. At about $2.50/ounce, this stuff is right up their with Taylors creams as far as being economical. There is no sacrifice in quality of lather with this compared to any of the more traditional European purveyors. Very nice, minty, cooling, slick stuff.

Wow, I have a full tube of that at home and never tried to get lather from it.

I also have a tube of their shaving gel which is great when you're without a brush or in a major hurry. It's got the greatest cooling effect I've ever felt.
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