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Another Newbie!!

Hello all!

This is my first post as I am new to the forum. I am so glad I found this site! Right now I am in acquisition mode (I am trading in my M3 for a straight blade :eek: ; eventually!! :cool: )

It is probably a bit aggressive to make such a drastic leap but one must pursue his dreams right? Anyway, currently I am entrenched in acquisition mode. I have picked up an old straight at a flea market, ordered from QED the Savile Row 3118 that Ron so graciously profiled. In addition, I have a waterstone on order from Lee Valley and just today I stopped by CE to pick up some Nomad shaving soap. This pursuit is not light on the wallet is it?

Anyway the B&B forum has been an excellent resource for me and I feel privileged to glean knowledge from "the pro's!" I will look forward to your advise in the near future as I know I will need it!! :blushing:



Welcom to B&B. We have a lot of fun here, but when necessary, we can give you some good advice amongst a ton of b.s.! If you are truly wanting to use a straight razor, I would recommend you use the one you purchased to practice honing, and that you visit SRP and buy a shave ready razor from one of the honemeisters. There you can check with Lynn Abrams (a honemeister supreme), Randy Tuttle (aka RandyDance), Joe Chandler and a few others. If you don't start with a properly honed razor, you may toss in the towel before you give it a real shake. From time to time SRP even has razor giveaways for new guys. Otherwise, expect to pay from $30-60 bucks for a razor that, when properly maintained, will last a lifetime. More important that a hone, for a shave ready razor you need a strop. Check with Tony Miller for a strop. Recently he had some seconds on sale for a song.

Yes, getting started can cost a bit, but down the road, you will save a ton over what cartridge razors will cost you. Which is good, because you'll find yourself spending all of that money on shaving soaps, creams, razors...

Welcome to B&B. There is a wealth of information on this site. It is a tremendous resource for the beginner, intermediate, and expert wet shaver.

When you reach the end of "aquisition mode", let me know. I'm curious as to how much longer I can expect mine to last.:biggrin:
Welcome George!
I am glad to hear of another Il Bambino finding a good home. Best of luck with the new kit and enjoy.:001_smile
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