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Hello. I'm new here but not to wet shaving. I've been a wet shaver all my life. 54 Years old. But up until 3 years ago or so I was a cartridge razor kind a guy. I was seeking an alternative to my headblade which I was using for many years to shave my head. That led me to a leaf razor. I liked it and started using it for my face and head.

I didn't stop going down the rabbit hole which put DE Razors on my radar. That really piqued my interest and I had to try that method. after doing some research I decided to get the Merkur 34C. I fell in love with that. And like I am sure everyone here it didn't stop there. I've since acquired a few vintage razors and had them restored by Razor Emporium. Black beauty, Flare Tip, And a Fatboy. I've also added 2 more modern Razors. The Rockwell 6C and a Henson AL13. Of course I also have a healthy collection of Soaps, Shaving Bowls, Splashes, and Balms.

As deep down the rabbit hole as I went it was impossible for straight razors to not land on my radar.The idea was in the back of my head for a while. I finally made the leap 2 weeks ago. After doing some research I decided to get a Ralf Aust 5/8 Spanish tip. Before I it arrived I watched numerous technique videos and maintenance videos. what the heck would we do without Youtube? I of course had to also add a Vintage to my quiver. I but a Henckels #69 from JohnLoc on Ebay. I love them both and while I've made a few mistakes I think I am doing pretty well. It's fun figuring out the problem areas and how to hold it best for XTG, and ATG. I am probably 10 shaves in and can get BBS on 90% of my face. My chin, jawline, and upper lip are my problem areas but with each shave I am dialing it in more and more.

Other than a few nicks my biggest mistake was thinking I could tackle my head after roughly 5 shaves. I lost track of the angle on the side of my head and got a pretty decent cut. But nothing that won't heal quickly. I should add that I did that with a Parker SR1. What's cool about having a shavette is I can remove the blade and kind of practice with various holds and motions.

And despite watching numerous stropping videos I still made some rookie mistakes. Not rolling on the spine and rolling on the buckle. Also lifting the spine slightly as I strop. I've got a little damage to the strop which I have tried to smooth out with an emery board. But I decided to buy a new leather part. Also I am concerned as to whether or not I did damage to the blade. So I think I am going to send it to get honed. Not sure who or where yet although I found the recommended Honemeister list here . I have read more than once that Ralf Austs razors are shave ready so I opted for a factory edge when I ordered it. Kind of glad I did considering the mistakes I've made. I bought a jewelers loupe to try to look at the edge. I don't know what I am looking at but the bevels between the 2 razors I have do look different. Anyway thanks. Happy to finally discover these forums.Wicked edge was my go to. I am enjoying reading through the posts. Learning a lot as a result. My apologies for being so long winded.

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