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another new DE convert

Hello everybody. Just started using a DE safety razor and have already learned much from this site.

I saw a Rockwell at J Crew with a plastic tortoiseshell handle—it must be a 6C—and got intrigued. Went to the company site and requested a Christmas present of a 6S, which my wife got on a Black Friday (and then some) discount. Been using it since Christmas morning.

I'm surprised it took me this long. I've always enjoyed shaving daily with hot water, even with the cartridge on a pot-metal handle that I had been using. And I've always liked traditional approaches to things, and hobbies with lots of possible variations, tweaks, and upgrades.

But unlike old tube amps, new phono cartridges, pairs of Alden shoes, and even decent bottles of bourbons and ryes, the tweaks in this hobby are relatively cheap (—Tatara Muramasa, which I want, notwithstanding). So on the Rockwell's #4 setting, I've already been through a Rockwell blade, a Shark, a Voskhod, and now an Astra (which appeals to me most so far). The graphics on the blade packets alone are enough to raise my vintage passions.

I'm working on technique and feel like I'm improving every day. And my face feels really good. I've still got some old product (Gillette Foamy) to use up before diving into soaps and brushes. Looking forward to that. Thanks to one and all for the knowledge and support on this site.
Rockwell is a solid choice for sure. If you are into trying different razors and are coming from cartridges, the Henson is a really good option also. The angle is pretty automatic and shaves in the same manner as a cartridge.
Either way, welcome and enjoy the experience.
Good job — the 6S from what I can tell is a very solid choice.

Skill/technique trumps everything else, but, if you are like me you are going to experience a big jump up the enjoyment ladder once you add a brush and good soap/cream into the mix.


Cheaper than ink
Welcome to Badger & Blade!
From the sound of your other interests I feel you'll fit in just fine around here, foppy. Have fun.
Welcome. Like others have said the Rockwell is a solid newbie as well as advanced shaver tool. Built like a tank and has high tolerances with gentle blade gap and geometry. It will accommodate beginner mistakes and not punish. Gradually go up the plates as you get confident before you slip down multiple rabbit holes ! Get a blade sampler to know which blade works well with the razor and your technique
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