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Another Ebay ?

Would you trust a seller who had chosen to keep their feedback private?
The seller in question has 96.7% positive feedback from 59 total, 57 positive and 2 negative.
This goes against my policy of not using seller's with lower than 98% positve feedback, but this is an item I really want. Still the fact that the feedback is hidden troubles me. As far as I am concerned, the only reason a seller would choose to do this is to hide a really damaging comment, but then again the potential buyer can see the total feedback score anyway, so why bother?
Once again, my inexperience with Ebay is showing and I hope you all can help me.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Alex,
Were the negatives recent, or more than 12 months ago? While I understand that it can be unsettling for a seller to make feedbacks private, they may be embarassed by a difficult transaction that happened long ago.

As a longtime Ebay seller, my personal guideline would be if the seller has at least 6 months of 100% positive feedbacks, I'd take the chance. If however, the negatives are recent, I'd back off on the possibility that there are current problems with that seller.


Goosemeplease said:
If you are going to do it-dont worry about it! :biggrin:

Me? Not worry?:lol:
Seriously though, thanks for the advice. I went ahead and placed the order, if the deal goes sour one of the three of you owes me:tongue:
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