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An Aristocrat by Chance

Was in a little antique/thrift shop today on a work related matter and came across this 1946-47 for $15. Cleaned up nicely. Looking forward to tomorrow's shave.


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Congrats on this BEAUTY!!!!!!! It looks like it is in fantastic shape. I hope you enjoy it - please let us know what you think!!!!

- Badger Bill
wow.. i can't find anything close to that nice in antique shops. Load that thing up with a 7oclock or Feather because I think it'll shave real mild.
Congratulations! That is a great score! I have 4 of those and I love them. You won't be dissatisfied with the shave either. They shave great. They are a true American classic.
I have three Aristocrats and have only shaved with two of them, but they gave great shaves. I'm sure you'll find the same. Great Razor!
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