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Am I alone?

Went shopping with the wife yesterday. Every place we went I was checking out the housewares department thinking;
"that would make a nice shave bowl", "that would hold a soap puck", 'that's big enough to be a shave mug"
I just wandered the isles of Target & World Market earlier looking for a makeshift brush scuttle. Happens to the best of us!
Some guys look at coffee mugs and they see shaving mugs, or salsa dishes and see lathering bowls, pipe racks and they see razor stands. It's probably one of the worst hazards of shaving as hobby.
I was in Wallyworld with TWGW and picked up a shallow bowl and put into cart. When she asked what it was for, I said a lather bowl. She said just take a cereal bowl from the kitchen and use that. I now shop for supplies when I am alone lol
;-) T
My first month of de shaving I would do this all the time. The SWMBO quickly grew tired of it and told me "we have plenty of coffee mugs at home. Use them for your soap." Hmm, ok. After about half a dozen mugs made their way out of the kitchen she decided to buy me 12 pyrex containers with lids. She said "these are for you, now give me the coffee mugs back."
Yeah, I do it too. Everytime I'm standing in line at a Starbucks or similar coffee shop and see the mugs they have for sell, I always evaluation and wonder "Would this make a good shave mug?"
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