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Against the Grain

Do You Shave Against the Grain?

  • Yes, Final Pass

  • Yes, But Not Final Pass

  • Heavens No

  • Good God Son, What Are You Doing To Your Face!

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tam.audio said:
I feel I can't get a good shave unless my final pass is against the grain. How do others feel?

Unlike you, I feel I can't get a good shave unless ALL my passes against the grain.
I can't get a good shave unless I go against the grain--but that also tears my skin off (stinking hard water keeps me from getting a good lather).

So, it's shave against the grain and burn and bleed--but smooth! (mostly)

Or, skip the against pass, and feel like an evergreen tree all day--but without any burning.

It's a very difficult choice for me.

P.S. I'm still considered a DE newbie, so take all this with a large dose of . . . something.
My passes are:

Cross-grain (twice)
Touch & Cut

So for me, against-grain isn't the last pass I do.

PoshRichM said:
My passes are:

Cross-grain (twice)
Touch & Cut

So for me, against-grain isn't the last pass I do.

Me regime is identical to Rich's, but my T&C is done in the form of blade buffing and is also mostly done against the grain.
tam.audio said:
Is touch and cut really considered a "pass"?

Only if you want to! Kyle, remember this, there are very few universal truths in wet shaving except for one and that is the results. BBS is BBS is BBS.
The only time these things (definitions) make any difference is when you are trying to communicate with others. Under those circumstances, it is wise to ensure that the talker and the listener are singing from the same sheet of music as they say.:mellow:


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guenron said:
WIth my 4-pass regimen, when I finish my final pass it is time for hydrosol, balm, and FACETURBATION!!!:tongue:

"Hey- keep your hands off your schween!"
-Ouch residence, circa 1972

"Hey- keep your hands off your face!"
-Ouch residence, 2006
Against the grain, definitely. But it may be 2nd pass or the final pass, depends on the age of the blade :001_smile .

Like many, can't get that BBS shave without the against-the-grain.

Against the grain....first pass.....with a STRAIGHT!:eek:

LOL, only kidding!:lol: After almost 3 weeks of DE shaving I seem to have got this thing down to a 3 pass shave for very good results, 4 pass for BBS. I usually do 3 pass Monday - Thursday, 4 pass on Friday as it has to last me all weekend (no shave Sat or Sun).

Whichever one I choose, it's always the last pass that is against the grain, very light touch, almost in a blade buffing motion.
Yes, I shave against the grain, but usually not on my final pass. I suffer from one pass too many syndrome. I don't need to continue after my against the grain pass but for some reason, I do. My neck wishes I would stop.
When time allows, my shave is very simple. First, let me preface this with one thought. Forget N-S, E-S, S-N, whatever. Learn the true meaning of "with the grain", "across the grain", and "against the grain". My first pass is with the grain. That means shaving downward to the jawline, and then upward from the neck baseline to the jawline. EXCEPT, directly below the the chin. There, I must shave downward! Then, I shave across the grain, which for me, means, on the right side of my face, from below the ear to the center of my neck, and then, on the left side of my face, from below the ear, to the middle of my neck. Pass three is also across the grain, except I start from the middle of my neck and shave outward towards the area below my ear. I do this to the left, and then to the right. Pass #4 is against the grain.

The goal with each pass? Stubble elimination. And after 4 passes, I'm done. Very seldom do I "blade buff" or need a "T&C".

As silly as it sounds, log what you do. Write it down. You won't know where you are going unless you know where you have been!

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