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Active Duty/Veteran PIF (Mostly Samples)

Greetings all!!!

I have been wet shaving for the last 4 months now and in that time I have acquired quite the collection of samples from a lot of different companies. After figuring out what I like and don't, I now have quite a good selection of samples(soaps, cremes, aftershaves and witch hazels). Since I have no need for them anymore thought I would do the right thing and pass this collection on to someone else here who would like to sample some new stuff. I am also doing this to celebrate my retirement from Active Duty in which I will start my terminal leave on Friday the 13th.

Well here is the rules and stipulations:

Must have an Active Duty or Veteran tag on your forum name and must be in the CONUS since I am going to be shipping aftershaves I don't believe I can send it over the border very easily or cost effective. If I am wrong on this let me know and I will open it up to more countries. This PIF will close at 2359 hrs on Friday the 13th of December 2013. Just say I'm in and I will update this thread here with your screen name and the order you entered. I will pick a number from all the entries and announce it on Saturday the 14th and ship it out once shipping info is received.

1) kd7ctv
2) Criefwich
3) Jim1968
4) Brooksie967
5) Demaskee
6) TimS
7) parastang
8) jimraider
9) MicBaldy
10) Crunchthetroll
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I am a Veteran but, I am NOT IN. Just wanted to thank the OP for being so generous with others here who have served their Country.

Good show Mightyquinn.

Veteran that is not in. Just wanted to say thank you for your service and I hope you enjoy your coming retirement! Great PIF sir.
I'm in. Thanks and congratulations on your retirement. I'm about to hit 19 myself. I plan on doing 24 before hanging it up.
Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for your service to our nation.

I am NOT it, but I certainly appreciate your generosity. Well done, sir.

I am in, I am overseas, but I have family coming to visit that you could send everything to for the AS. Ty for your service, and best of luck as you transition to your next career.

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