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Acquisitions June 22 - 28

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Got a new boar, a new Rooney 3/1 and a 47 SS (No Notch =0) )
Enough shave cream for a year and some new soap as well.

No pics, but it's been a good week and a half:
Bull Mastiff w/ NEW head
Czech & Speake aromatic sampler
8 oz. Royalls - Lyme, Vetyver, Bay Rhum, Mandarin
Pinaud Clubman
Pinaud Bay Rum
Aqua Velva

It's been a stinky week indeed...
My Birth year / quarter razor arrived Monday (thanks cfriend). I picked up the Florena (99cents each) and the Proraso AS locally.

Boy was I surprised when this arrived this afternoon! I ordered it from the 'bay on Sunday.

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Worcester Razor Co - 6/8th Round Point - 1/2 hollow..

Shaved with it this morning - she smoothly melted two days growth, like it wasn't even there.. My instant favorite !


The Kent/MWF soap is freakin AWESOME in my opinion. Just hard to get a pretty lather, but really great shave.
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