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A Thank You!

Tony Miller

Not exactly sure who in particular to thank for this reason for today's post but I do thank all of you for the supoport over the years and the kind emails I get and posts that are made. Every email, message and post touches me as I feel blessed to be able to do what I do and have such nice supporters. Having this small sideline is special in other ways. My dad was a builder, craftsman and woodworker. His dream was to retire early and spend time in his shop making things for others. My dad passed a year before he could retire and never got to live his dream. I am lucky enough to be able to carry on his dream as my own and I feel his presence in my shop daily every time I pick up one of his tools or look at his old tattered hat hanging on my shop wall. All of you make this possible and I do not take it lightly. I try to do my best to repay it with good products and good serice and try to supoort B&B in every way I can. Thank you.

Today was a real surprise. My USPS "Infomed delivery" has shown a package on its way that I was not expecting. Today it arrives and inside was a very touching letter and gift from an anonymous member of the shaving community. No name and a "borrowed" return address so I can not trace who sent it.

Whoever it was thank you. This means a lot to me that someone would just send out something like this with a nice letter about what was sent and about their start in shaving and in particular their ties to their dad who got them started in straight razors after his passing.

Lots of good, caring, kind acts and people on this forum. Makes a heart happy to see people treat each other in such a way. Now if we can just convey this message to the "real " world.....

Touching story, thanks for sharing
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