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FSOT A few estate pipes

Good morning B&B,

I'm culling my herd of pipes and have a few available. I am including a couple of quick pictures and a short description. I'm happy to pass along more details at your request, but these are all good to excellent condition "user grade" pipes and not collector's pieces. Priced to move. See below if interested in trading!



Unknown Meerschaum Bulldog - $28 shipped

Moderately smoked and colored. Amber stem, threaded tenon. Was told this was a probable old Pete second.

Bulldog 1.jpg

Stanwell Danish Design Amber 140 Smooth - $45 shipped

Very good shape. Nice grain, no significant blemishes or damage that I can note.

Stanwell 1.jpg

Nording Sailor (Red) - $24 shipped

I really liked this style of pipe for awhile and its a great traveler, but I never really take it out anymore. Simple to clean and smoke. Good for flakes. Moderate usage, but the red finish is smart.

Sailor 1.jpg

Paronelli Billiard (Metallic finish w/clear stem) - $95 shipped

This pipe is a looker, but it's on the big side for me in a billiard. Lightly smoked, very striking. I believe this is on par with Paronelli's 3 star line in terms of construction quality.

Paronelli 1.jpgParonelli 2.jpg

Savinelli Pianoforte 320 - $75 shipped

One of the first pipes I bought brand new and moderately smoked but kept in very good condition.

Sav 1.jpgSav 2.jpg

Rattray's Helmet 139 Smooth - $120 shipped

Practically brand new. Only two small bowls smoked in it.

Helmet 1.jpgHelmet 2.jpg


If you are interested in trading, I would consider an entry/mid level adjustable razor (Merkur Futur or Progress, Supply single blade come to mind), green/aquatic forward fragrances, and similar aftershaves. All reasonable offers considered!
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Trade finalized for Paronelli. Only the Nording and Stanwell remain. $60 shipped takes both, and I'm open to trade offers.
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