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Tobacco Pipe Lot


I’m getting out of pipe smoking and I’m wanting to move along my small collection. Nothing is super valuable on its own so I prefer to sell as a lot.

All 3 pipes have been smoked and all were bought new by me in around the 2017 time frame. They will need cleaned. I would do it, but don’t know how or have the stuff. Also all the stems show some oxidation. That could be polished out, but doesn’t affect function. I’ve always used rubber pipe bits on the end, so there are no teeth marks that I know of. They all smoke great, imo.

The pipes are:
1) Peterson Irish made army (nickel band, army mount stem) 101. Still has box and draw string pouch.
2) Savinelli Series III bent apple (626 shape, I believe)
3) Savinelli Series III Zulu (404 shape, I believe)

And the extras:
1) wooden box that is a cheap cigar humidor type thing with a little humidifier (on the left of the group photos)
2) smokingpipes.com leather carry pouch. It’s a simple drawstring leather pouch but works quite well.
3) my homemade pipe rack
4) old cigar box with latch. Good for holding bits
5) my left over EA Carey rubber bits. There probably 20-25 left in the tube.
6) aluminum tamper/scoop
7) 2x handmade tampers made from steel nails. Pretty cool.
8) plastic folding pipe stand
9) my leftover pipe cleaners.

Asking $110 shipped, CONUS only. PayPal.

Let me know if you have questions.

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