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4711 at Gordman's

Good morning gentlemen. While we were at Omaha this week, we stopped in at Gordman's. This is some sort of department store but they also seem to carry a lot of discounted clothing and colognes. I found a nice display of 4711 at good prices. There was 150ml bottle of splash for $9.95, a 200ml for $14.99, a 400ml for $19.99, and the same 400ml in a gift type box along with some scented tissues for $24.95. I would have purchased a bottle of this had I not been able to test it. Yeah, the reverse of the normal procedure of testing before buying. I've never seen this product at a local store before and having seen tons of reviews describing it as the classic edc, I was sure I'd lilke it a lot. This wasn't so. There was a 150ml tester bottle of this and after a good splash on the hands and rubbing on the face, I was only reminded of a dry citrus that wasn't too pleasant. I just don't think it goes with my chemistry and my nose wasn't too keen on it either. Now before I make judgement on this, I'd like to ask about this tester. Since this was a splash bottle, of course it had been opened a few times. In fact, now that I really pay attention to memory, the cap was missing! Who knows how long it had been off the tester? I know that things can go stale but alcohol is a great preserver. Also, knowing that citrus oils are the most volitile scent oils around, it may have gone off and led to the dry/flat aroma from the product. I guess I'm asking if I shoud give this another test or was my initial reaction to the smell normal? I've seen lots of talk about 4711 but have never really seen anyone say that it was sweet or dry or floral or whatever. I realise that citrus top notes should be the dominant scent straight out of the bottle but this test was very pungent and not quite what I'm used to with citrus scents. Any thoughts?

Regards, Todd
Greetings Todd,

4711 is certainly a very pleasant citrus scent to my nose. Not everyone likes it but it works for me. To my nose 4711 is close to a Eau de Portugal. Bitter orange and other scents. Unfortunately, like all Eau de Portugal scents, the scent is fleeting. I would bypass the tester and buy the smallest bottle. You will not be disappointed.

BTW good to seeing you posting.

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