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3 New Handles


Fabulous brushes!! All three have great grain. I especially love the handle design of the middle brush!

You are the man!! :a29::a29:


Where did you get the wood for the first one on the left? Zebra wood I have seen but not that wood...
Steve nice handles!! What kind of finish do you use? It looks great.
Good Morning Rudy , Thanks for the Kind words
I have been using 10 to 12 coats of CA with about 3 coats of spray Lacquer in between.
seems to get me nice and smooth and it holds up nice .
I have some brushes that I have had for over a year with no finish break down.
I wet sand between coats .
Rudy your work has always inspired me to be better.
Your handles always look so crisp and Beautiful .
One day I want to get one of your beehives :)