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2nd Shave In - Some Thoughts

Well I've done two shaves with the Merkur and while I feel like I'm still getting used to the metal razor, I know that it will be much better than the cheap plastic ones I've been using. There are still spots that get missed, but i haven't cut up my face with the blade (which is nice).

I'm still working on getting the angle of the blade right, but I guess that is technique that comes with time.

I'm still using cheap can foam while I wait for my brush and proraso to come in the mail, so I'm sure that will make a big difference.

All in all, still riding that learning curve, but getting there.
Congrats! Sounds like a better start than I had when I switched a few years ago. My first several shaves were weeper city. You’ll be getting BBS shaves in no time!
There is a learning curve but it isn't super steep. Shaves will definitely get better. Good job not drawing blood. I got myself pretty good my 1st shave. Hang in there and enjoy!


Congratulations on your progress!!

Focus on technique and you will continue to improve!! Soon you will have the shaves you want!! :thumbup: :thumbup:
Maybe it is a bit easier to learn as I wasn't using an electric razor? Now that I've jinxed it the next shave will probably be awful!
Give it some time it will get better no worries!

And good thinking to get a good razor, I got myself plastic Wilkinson for first shave and tore my face up
It's great you're doing so well after just a couple of shaves, congrats! Technique is most important. Focus on angle, & focus on not applying pressure. You'll start getting those tough to get areas in time. Check out some of the Wiki pages on technique & lathering. This is a great pastime for something that we have to do. So might as well enjoy it!


Keep it up. It will all eventually fall into place and it will be a wonderful feeling. Practice makes perfect and it will take some time.