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2024 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Year of MacGyver

Still in.

For today's shave I chose the Fatboy. I haven't used it in a long time. I had forgotten how good this razor is. First pass on 7, second pass on 5. Wonderful, smooth shave.
Hey Adam! Is that a Ti handle on the Athena? The one John shortened? Or another one?

Nice kit altogether!



Thank you sir!

That is the Ti handle, but it's not John's shortened one, it's his full size one. :) He's letting me borrow both to compare.

I think I prefer the shorter one to the stock length - - but I might like a size in between the best! So shortening it by just one "ring" not two. But we're just playing around, I'm not ordering a new handle or anything. I'm still in! This is just BOSC nerdiness.

When I give them back I'll likely go back to the RR Vintage thin handle with the Athena for a while. I sure like the grippiness of that handle but the balance is a little head-heavy.
Ai! We have another brother breaking his paperclip in two. Enjoy your razors and we expect pictures when they arrive! Feel free to stick around for 365/366 which would still be quite an accomplishment.

MacGyvers (51)

1. @Guido75 - Razor
2. @KQY61 - No Exception
3. @Jayson74 : Karve Overlander
6. @Bsamps - OneBlade Razor
9. @cryhavoc - Brush
10. @LJBraaten - vintage razor
11. @Berwick12 - hardware to build shaving box w/mirror. Copy of put the captain donated during the this year's auction.
12. @Pepin - exception vintage razor
13. @reformedshavr - exception Myrsol Antesol in groovy 'old style' glass bottle
14. @JKaboom - No exception
15. @Tulsa1977 - gift for SO
16. @martym - no exception
17. @Cafebarian - No exception
18. @Jim99 - exception: aftershave
20. @Galaktus - Canada Shave Soap
22. @The Blackadder - exception: preshave or blades (if I run out)
24. @The Roof Seal - exception: Single bottle of rosewater
28. @tjsgarden - exception: antique razor
29. @Hannah's Dad - no exception
30. @BrandX - no exception
32. @JAHE - exception: a razor
34. @iver- no exception
35. @Jack Goossen - No exception
38. @linty1 - no exceptions
39. @La Malice - Soap purchased in a brick and mortar store out of state.
40. @den fly- exception: blades
42. @ChriWilson - No exception
43. @Dodger59 - exception: Cream (if and only if I run out of either Speick or Jack Black, whichever comes first)
45. @RAD patient - exception: Blackland Blackbird razor
47. @byDoms - no exception
48. @Rico Suave - no exception
50. @snowman - no exception
51. @InkStainedWretch - no exception
52. @midwestshaver71 -no exceptions
53. @Silky Glide - No Exceptions
54. @Ribitski23 - No Exceptions
57. @hopper_64 - exception: Brush
58. @kingfisher - no exception
59. @Gaspare - exception: blades
60. @JeffJ - No Exception
61. @brucered - Brush
62. @JWCowboy - No exception
63. @bjm - lather bowl
64. @Sotiris_A - no exception
65. @Picja - no exception
67. @Whisky - no exceptions.
71. @flask28 - no exceptions
72. @AZBronco - after shave if mine runs out
73. @kjbarth - no exceptions
74. @mgweatherly - likely no exceptions or one balm
75. @muzichead - exception STF XL brush knot

MacMissings (7)
5. @abj - No exception
7. @Calyshaver - alum block replacement
21. @Messygoon - exception
46. @PurpuraPuer - exception: Blades
49. @BobbyB - Soap
55. @Contact_vs_Feedback - No Exceptions
68. @PersistentlyBlunt - No exception

MacFlyBy’s (playing from home)
xx. @ruckin - here for the cookies.
xx. @GaryTha - thought he was in, otherwise he is not
xx. @OldSaw - not in, but why take a chance
xx. @MuhleShaver - all good

MacGrubers (17)

41. @gurdygurds- re-Tech’d himself [04.01.24]
19. @Markdad2 - lusted for a brush [05.01.24]
36. @Shaun asleep - tripped over a buying button. Yaqi bah! [08.01.24]
23. @Manye - went peanuts over Swedish steel [17.01.24]
70. @phdezra - unwittingly brushed himself off the list [18.01.24]
66. @Jens - Slanted his way to the exit [18.01.24]
4. @ewk - CircumVeyEd his exception and got brushed off [02.02.24]
8. @kaufdrop27 - Forgot his exception and Overlanded two razors [04.02.24]
31. @Noodles - Configured his way to the exit [11.02.24]
26. @Goblin - Didn’t want to cut himself in the fingers by shortage of blades [11.02.24]
27. @Omega48 - Got fruity chills from ordering Vetiver splashes [20.02.24]
44. @Gururajan - couldn’t handle himself [22.02.24]
56. @Halfbeard - Ran into a Bayonetta [22.02.24]
25. @Lil Cooties - Suddenly woke up to a preorder..Yates!! [09.03.24]
69. @Trollky - got spritzed by a minted Grapefruit at the Mill [29.03.24]
33. @awk_m4 - went with “happy wife is a happy life” [14.04.24]
37. @deafficianado - Was torn between two lovers and chose both [17.04.24]

Current status: 68% still in and potentially 78%.
Not a sandalwood fan but that stuff does smell wonderful.
I was sent two bottles of the colonge by mistake from Pastuers last fall, and although I did return them, did open one to smell it and was quite pleased with the scent that was there.
Mike I agree. About three years ago I purchased TOBS Sandalwood cream in a tube and the accompanying balm. My gal and I found the scent way over the top and had to stop using them. The soap definitely has a lighter scent. The aftershave has a fantastic scent and feels great! I just shaved and I'm really happy with this!

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