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2023 most used razor

Now that 2023 is wrapping towards a close, I'd love to ask everyone what your most used straight was this year? As someone with quite a few straights I find that each year I tend to main a different razor, even though I never use the same one twice. This year I found myself using my 6/8 square tip Ralf Aust.
I have so many razors of which I am so fond and that is why I try to give them all equal use. My shavettes are for when I feel more pressed for time or tired - so they have had more use, but that is slowly changing.
Based on some searches, I jumped around a lot during 2023 with no clear winner. Your lucky day, you get three!

User-grade Filarmonica 13 Medallon Taurino.


All original* Wade & Butcher 7/8 near wedge square point. *Except for the pins and washers.


User-grade Dorko 43 with black horn replacement shoes.

7/8 Greaves, I cleaned it up and rescaled midway through the year and it's accounted for most of my shaves since. For whatever reason we happen to work well together.

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As a postscript which partly explains why I've gotten such good results with this razor: The other day I happened to drop this one, and the toe hit a glass bottle on the way down (no, I wasn't drinking at the time). Of course, I feared the worst. Inspecting it afterward, I noted that the edge was only slightly flattened where I had expected to see a major roll or even a chip. I was able to hone out the problem on a 6k stone without trouble. Of course, this was partially a result of the grind putting more meat behind the edge, but under magnification I noted how neat and even the damaged area looked, which matched my experience in honing.

Those of you who have honed a number of Sheffield razors have probably seen some which while often shaving alright, seem to lack edge stability, as in it's difficult to hone them to a very refined edge without little artifacts appearing in the apex. This one, like many of my best shaving razors, is the opposite. The edge seems to want to stay perfectly straight and clean no matter what.

This matches my experience with steels which are both hard and very fine-grained. I think whoever made this one got the heat-treat dead-on perfect, whether by accident or design. It's a good blade and I'm very glad to use it once again in the new year.
I bought and restored a similar Greaves Sheaf Works in July and finally honed the razor at the end of December. Greaves sure made nice razors. Takes a great edge. The spine on my Greaves is thicker than my similar Wade & Butcher razors with a bevel angle of 17.7. Perhaps this is part of the reason.
2023 was a challenging year (plumbing flood forced the master bath to be rebuilt 3+ months) so I used a DE/SE during that time. Even with the break in service, I looked at 2023 and it was a 3-way tie between my first SR, a 5/8 FH Friedrich Baurmann & Sohne "Comfort 40", a 6/8 Wester Brothers square point and the 5/8 TI Le Grolet round point I purchased new in Paris France (it was featured in Dr. Matt's Dec 2022 video about TI geometry correction)

Solingen Straight Shave.jpgWester AV Shave.jpgTI Le Grolet MDC2.jpg
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