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$100,000.00 razor

I apologize if this has been posted earlier, but did anyone see this in the WSJ?

I guess we won't see these on the B/S/T!

This is why...Sapphire blades: Zafirro says that the Iridium is the world’s first razor with sapphire blades. “The [solid-white] sapphire is made from a single crystal with a finer tip than steel,” says Mr. Hamilton. “We looked at advanced ceramics as well, but the tip was too big.” The sapphire blade is about 80 atoms wide – considerably thinner than a human hair.

Iridium handles: The handle of the blade is made from stainless steel and iridium, but Mr. Hamilton says that the bit that makes up the handle’s “skeleton” is produced from the rare metal.

“It’s 10 times rarer than platinum and made mainly from meteorites,” he says. “It’s the strongest functional metal and has been used for making rocket models for the last 50 years.”


gotta say though, I'd love to use one but not own one. I'd imagine I'd drop it and that'd be the end of the "single crystal 80 atoms wide" blade
I think it would be way better if the head was chopped off and glued to a Cooncatbob's handle, but then I'm just a classless bastid:lol::lol:
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