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ZIHR Sooth AfterShave (Rescue)

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Well The ZIRH sooth works pretty well. I could almost end it there. I have fair, sensitive and down right picky skin. One wrong chemilcal/ additive and it's good bye Homer, hello Krusty the Clown. Sooth after shave is quite pricey at 30 dollars US per 3.4 oz's, but as with most higher end all natural men's products..that seems to be the nature of the beast.
The after affect is very cooling with no sting at all, but i didn't find it to combat redness very well.
It's consistency is quite runny, which is odd considering the Protect moisturizer ( which burns like hell on a freshly shaved face btw) is a thick as Quickcrete, or my mom's oatmeal..godbless.
All in all with this product i would say spend elsewhere. Baxter and Anthony are better priced and not as irritating, especially for us sensitive skin guys.

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I have used zirh products before. Im not really into them anymore, but they do perform well. I personally think pre-shave oil is a gimmich, but their moisterizer is pretty good.
I love it, I have been using it for the past eight months and have had no irritation at all. I find it to be a quality product that works very well, laast time I ordered some I picked up 4 bottles.

I've tried a lot of aftershaves (balms), traditional wetshaving varieties and new hip or medical-/science-y kinds, and this is one of the best. I was lucky to find a few bottles for almost nothing at Marshall's.

Zirh tells you very little about it online or anything, but if you get a hold of a box it you can see that it has just about every botanical extract imaginable (including some rather exotic) as well as several different seaweed extracts and good aftershave balm staples like witch hazel and aloe (i'm pretty sure oat and wheat extracts as well, and maybe a -little- shea butter-possibly not, though).

It cools off bad razor burn very quickly, not just the pain but the appearance as well. It removes any inflamation and is good about ensuring that any nicks and rough patches don't turn into blemishes or drawn-out shaving obstacles. This is what makes it a great aftershave balm for me: how effectively and swiftly it brings about healing and prevents a nick from becoming a problem. A lot of balms moisturize and "anesthetize" the face. Soothe also is great at healing very rapidly and making sure problem areas aren't going to get out of hand but are going to be ready for shaving tomorrow (or later today - it's that good).

I also like it because it provides plenty of moisture but not too much, so that your face swells out with stickyness or anything. Instead of stuffing the face full of extra, unneeded moisture, it conditions the skin so it stays smooth, firm, and soft. It also feels like it protects the skin, although it doesn't really put any kind of actual coating over it (I hate coatings). And unlike the reviewer above, I found it very good for reducing or elmininating redness.
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