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Woods of Windsor Shaving Soap

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This is a great shaving soap. It comes in a nice shaving mug, with a big 'lump' of soap (150g if I remember correctly). From the contents this soap seems to be based on palm oil soap, not tallow, however it still performs great. I really like the scent too, but unfortunately I am really rubbish at describing scents, so instead I will just quote the website for this detail:

This long lasting fragrance contains many citrus notes such as lemon, lemon grass, verbena, orange and bergamot, combined with the spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and neroli.

That pretty much sums it up, but it really is a great scent. The mug it comes in is also a great extra.



With regards to performance, here is my brush after the initial swirling to collect some soap:


And here it is loaded up:


The lather it creates is rich and thick. Gives great cushioning, and moisturises very well.

Overall, this is a great soap, and the mug really sold it to me. Costs around £15 for the mug with soap, and around £6 for the refills. While the refills are quite reasonable, I do doubt that the mug is really worth the extra £9. It looks great, but I would never pay £9 for a mug of this size. The refills will not fit into your average soap bowl, so you will either have to mill it, or get a normal mug (unless you went for the shaving mug).

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Got this soap as a present so can't really comment on the price, very nice lather and to me it smells very similar to kent/mitchells wool fat, the mug looks really good on display and you get a massive chunk of soap so it seems like good value for money. Gives a good shave and I dont have any complaints. Well worth a look if you can get hold of some, if even just for the mug alone.
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I bought the soap without the bowl from the shop next to Windsor Castle and found that the soap had a pleasant scent but left my skin feeling quite dry.
I got the mug with soap as a gift, and i really like the look, but the soap left my skin quite red and sore - might just be me!

Did lather very well though, and I've swapped it out now for my usual soap, but kept the woods for future testing....

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