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Windsor Shaving Bowl Refill 100g

Item Description

A very highly scented English made tallow based shaving soap. One may purchase the rather pricy wooden shaving bowl to which these cakes fit nicely, or simply use your own bowl if large enough. I found the lather quite good, although did dry a bit after application leading to a few small tugs. I might want to use more water and less lather. The scent is astounding with pine and patchouli, yet it really doesn't linger after the shave.

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Pros: long lasting
Cons: high price tag
This puck has lasted over 3 months of nearly daily use. It does take a little time to lather properly, but with the right mixture of water and elbow grease produces a very luxurious, smooth foam that provides great lubrication and doesn't feel dry after rinsing. When one takes into account its longevity, price is really not an issue.
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