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Pearl Open Comb TTO

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I wasn't expecting much with a low price tag, zinc alloy components and very little hullabaloo on the B&B message boards. I was blown away. It compares very favorably with a Gillette Sheraton, perhaps a tad bit more aggressive. The grip is oustanding, the balance a bit handle heavy, but I very easily found a super angle and have had some great shaves. My biggest complaint is the twist to open mechanism relies on holding the most slippery part of the razor steady in order to open the doors. All in all, a real winner and one that I've found a lot of value. s-l1600 (1).jpg

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Pros: price, efficiency
Cons: balance, tto mechanism
At only $25 including shipping, this is definitely a value. The shave was smooth, efficient and it compares favorably to a vintage Gillette Sheraton razor. As I mentioned, the balance is a wee bit off and the grip for twisting is a bit slick, but the grip for shaving is rock steady and, for the price, this is one fun razor.
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