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Trumpers Almond Shaving Soap

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Lovely stuff, the sweet scent is delightful first thing in the morning, gives me an appetite for breakfast. Somehow despite the sweetness it doesn't smell feminine, despite the Amaretto association. Trumpers are wizards with the fragrances.
It lathers up as rich as you like, a smooth, creamy lather that doesn't dry out while you strop the razor. Provides excellent lubrication and beard softening for a really smooth shave, leaves the skin feeling really good, noticably really good. Maybe one for sensitive skin over the Sandalwood soap.
The scent lingers faintly on the skin, giving a little extra sweetness to the Tabac aftershave I used this morning, compliments it very nicely, though subtly.

It's a winner!

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I bought some from a member here and it doesn't smell like almond at all. I have Trumpers almond shaving cream and it does have the cherry smell.
I have found this to be an excellent soap for sensitivity skins. The aroma is gentle but pleasing to me. Like almost all GFT soaps, it provides a wonderful, rich, moist lather.

The only con is that is expensive.
This soap costs 10 Pounds Sterling in the UK and less than 15 dollars here in California or 25 dollars with the bowl. The cost of the bowl has nothing to do with the value of the soap. This is excellent soap that can be had at a fair price.

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